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Inspirational Speaking

Sheree's Speaking Engagements inspire audiences to action and empower your organization to best use the gift of intuition.

Professional Coaching

Sheree's Intuitive Coaching guides individuals in facilitating personal growth and reaching their full potential.

Corporate Consulting

Sheree’s Corporate Workshops provide techniques proven to help team members succeed professionally and overcome challenges.

What Our Clients Say

“Reading this book changes you. It forces you to embrace the divine. The stories have made me a better healer and dedicated agent of love. This book is a vortex into our true human connection with the all that is. A must read!!!”

“This Book Changes You”

( — Kurt A. Hill Sr., M.DIV, CST, LMT, HHP; Candidate MA Psychology (2016); Founder APCT (Advanced Psychosomatic Character Therapy) )

"Sheree is a highly gifted coach who quickly helped me turn my limiting beliefs around. She gave me personalized exercises which continued my growth after our sessions. Sheree is remarkably effective at motivating and assisting in best ways to present my business. I will continue to use Sheree."


( - Tory Altree, MD )

"Sheree Franklin immediately connected with our team as though she came from within yet inspired and motivated us as only an external authority can. What a gift! Not only has our new economy brought a new set of challenges for a service business such as ours, it has also brought with it new marketing realms that must be understood and utilized in order to compete effectively. Collectively these are known simply as social marketing, Sheree’s message was one of “get with it”, but she didn’t simply deliver this message; she empowered my team with the how-to-do-it tools of change. Within an hour she had the team brilliantly in charge of their destiny. With Sheree’s insight we were better prepared to manage through the muck of the last couple years’ grim economic downturn. By implementing her “get with it” drive mode we have come out on top. We continue to utilize every avenue we can to look at our company and ourselves in our new world and it works."

Maxine’s Salon

( - Maxine Kroll, Owner )

“I attended the Chicago United Visioning Session with Sheree and it was fantastic! Everyone in the room was engaged at a high energy level. Seeing the results is what made me hire Sheree to do the same thing with the Margaret Gardner Opera Steering Committee I was co-chairing. The people on our committee were from all walks of life. We owe the success of the Opera and the Sponsorship Night to the tremendous ideas that flowed when our group visioned with Sheree!"

Steering Committee

( - Sandra Rand, Co-Chair )

“I watched Sheree do a five-minute exercise with a group of right-brain thinkers which resulted in a flow of ideas which produced solid results.”

Chicago United

( - Gloria Castillo, President )


Facing Uncertainty Sheree Franklin

Navigating Uncertainty by Tapping Into Your Intuition

Have you ever reached a crucial point in your life when you struggled to know what you should do? One of the best times to learn how to tap into your intuition is when you’re faced with the need to navigate uncertainty. Fear is the number one reason why we are usually afraid to make

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Intuition Operates at Light Speed to Guide Us Sheree Franklin

Jumpstart Your Intuition

Scientists tell us that our intuition operates at rocket speed and helps us to make choices on everything from our career to others’ trustworthiness, intelligence and even sex appeal in less than 10 seconds. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had the conscious mind to tell ourselves to wait before making any decisions (big or

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Safety and Intuition Sheree Franklin

Use Your Intuition To Stay Safe

As we age, the ability to access our intuition has the power to expand our consciousness and to adjust to the changes that are always going on around us. While we may not able to run as fast or have greater strength than a person who attempts to steal or attack us, an aware mind

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Intuition Sheree Franklin

Intuitive People Should Hang Out With People Who Value Their Hunches

People who want to sharpen their intuitive abilities will benefit greatly from hanging out with individuals who value this skill and are supportive. When each person is free to explore and openly discuss their hunches, insights or intuitive thoughts, it actually increases the influence of inner knowing. Research shows that when you spend time with

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Intuition Quote from Sheree Franklin

Learning to Forgive Yourself After You Ignore Your Intuition

Have you ever looked in a person’s eyes and knew immediately that something was wrong? Saying what you sense can be risky because you never know how the other person will take the information. And what happens if you are so convinced that your intuition is correct that you take it a step further and

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be your own best friend sheree franklin

Part 4 – Women’s Friendships: the Most Important Relationship

This is Part 4 in a 4-part series about Women’s Friendships by Sheree Franklin It may sound cliche, but there is nothing truer: the most important type of friendship women need is one with themselves. Being our own best friend is necessary for our happiness and to enhance all the other friendships and relationships in

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