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Intuition Expands When We Take Short Breaks Each Day

We live in a world of overwork, burnout, worry, stress and exhaustion. One of the major drawbacks to our constant state of busyness is we deprive ourselves of the inherent clues our intuition provides us to live happier and more productive lives. So, how do we get off of the treadmill of life and re-charge our inner wisdom?

It is common knowledge that many of us are overly stressed leading us to be tired. Today about 20% of Americans report they sleep less than 6 hours a night, and the number of people who say they sleep 8 hours has also decreased. Scientists have confirmed that when we are tired this deprives our brains of the subtle signs that help us guide and direct our lives.

Even if we fall short on getting a full night’s sleep, we can renew, refresh and rejuvenate our mind when we allow ourselves rest time—even if it is only for 10 minutes. Scientists have proven that quieting our minds for brief intervals—known as meditation or mindfulness, is like charging our internal battery.

Once you determine the time that you want to allow rest time, set the timer on your smartphone and put it on silent so that it does not disturb you until your time is up.

Here are the steps for creating a short break to relax your mind:
1. Take 6 deep breaths and set a firm intention to be peaceful.
2. If you notice your mind continuing on a busy stream of thoughts do not judge yourself, instead, gently remind yourself you have set this time for relaxing your mind and will think about those things later.
3. Introduce a word or mantra to help you relax into silencing your mind such as: Peace, Love, God and Joy.
4. When your alarm goes off take a moment to be grateful for the time you have given to take care of yourself.
5. Commit to feeling joy for the rest of your day.

The benefits of resting after working hard were never clearer to me these last two years while writing my first book. There were times in which my mind was so active that I was sleeping sometimes only3-4 hours a night. Afternoons were always the hardest time for me to maintain my mental sharpness, so I started to plan 10-minute rest periods for myself each day. I saw positive effects as soon as I started taking short meditation breaks each day; not only was I more alert, but it was easier for my mind to provide creative insights that I needed to finish my book.

The results I found in taking short rest breaks each day are the same underlying reason why businesses today are implementing meditation and mindfulness practices for their employees. Industry giants such as Google, Aetna, Target, Apple, Nike, General Mills, Goldman Sachs, Proctor & Gamble, AOL, and The Huffington Post, have all created programs to help their workers stay healthy.

These programs include non-conventional classes such as yoga, mindfulness,
Tai Chi, massage, as well as ongoing lectures by professionals on health and wellness.

We all have the ability to develop our own self-care program by setting aside time each day to allow our minds to rest and be peaceful. Making this commitment will go a long way to help us receive the insight, wisdom and hunches that is always available from our intuition.

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Intuition Influenced by Friendships We Keep

People who want to sharpen their intuitive abilities need to hang out with individuals who value this skill and are supportive. Doing so leaves each party free to explore their differences and actually increases the influence of inner knowing. Research shows that when you spend time with people who respect and believe in intuition your gut instinct gets stronger!

My advice for those who wish to develop their intuitive muscle is to allow for variety in your life. Relax your mind through meditation and allow yourself to daydream about what you want to create in your life. Limit time with inflexible or rigid people who are judgmental about your hunches. When you start to pay attention to the flow of your life without censoring, editing or sorting out experiences according to what we think they ought to be or what we are told is acceptable, it allows us the freedom to explore our inner feelings.

Developing your intuition is innate and natural and often inspired by the people we connect with in our daily lives. Allowing yourself to freely express your interest and the positive feedback you receive are two of the most critical factors in expanding your senses.

When you connect with people who are judgmental about your intuition this often packs an emotional wallop which stops you from sensing things around you. The emotional significance of being with people who support your need to explore the spiritual side of life allows for an expansive view of things in life.

Living intuitively allows for you to:
1. Expand your other senses.
2. Operate from the sense of seeing everything as “living in perfection.”
3. Set aside ego-based desires and preferences and let life flow and unfold on its own.

By living intuitively you will probably discover that the universe will meet you more than halfway. Sharpening this skill may lead to a more joyful, prosperous and healthy life.

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Weather Disasters: Use Your Intuition To Determine What Roles You Can Fill

Severe weather conditions being experienced across the USA has many people on edge. The severe damage of tornadoes, flood and storms has happened so quickly that often entire communities are wiped out before warning signals are sounded. All of us are not cut out to be emergency workers but each of us has a vested interest in knowing and understanding the underlying ways that we can contribute in times of need.

We have received an important lesson in what it means to give service watching the Japanese people response to the March 11, 2011, earthquake which churned up a devastating tsunami that swept over cities and farmland in the northern part of the country. Recorded as 9.0 on the Richter scale, it was the most powerful quake ever to hit the country. As the nation struggled with a rescue effort, it also faced the worst nuclear emergency since Chernobyl; explosions and leaks of radioactive gas took place in three reactors.

Through it all, the world has watched the highly organized and deeply compassionate way the Japanese people have responded to each other. Many of us have been transformed watching them and this brings a critical need for us to tap into our intuition to determine our own path for leadership should the need arise: Here are three roles to help you determine how you can be of assistance during a weather emergency:

1. Battlefield Commander – Be willing to step up and immediately lead your family, friends and or community. Provide energy to create momentum. This role requires a feeling of love, without hysteria. An important part of this role is to help others to determine their own skills, talents or abilities they can contribute.

2. Navigator – Provide information that will help groups adapt. If you have an expertise that should be utilized step up and give it without hesitation.

3. Cheerleader – Keeping people who are panicky calm is an important skill. The ability to uplift others doesn’t require any special training. Many times, people react irrationality when they are afraid and having someone who will step up to assist with those individuals could save their lives and others.

Temper your willingness to help by focusing inside on what course of action you think is best. This is where listening to your intuition is so important. Start to test it on small matters in order to have the link firmly established. The more you use your intuitive muscle and trust it the stronger it becomes. The time to decide is now on what type of service you will give.

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Is The Internet Zapping Our Intuition?

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The internet is highly seductive! We start off looking for one piece of information, and suddenly find ourselves transmitted by colorful and blinking hyperlinks to people, places, articles and things that we hadn’t even planned on finding out about! We live attached to our mobile devices and it is changing our brains!

Neurologists have known all along that the human brain rewires itself depending on how it is used, an ability they call “plasticity.” This neural rewiring happens after just one hour per day surfing the net according to an experiment by UCLA Psychology Professor Gary Small, MD.

The biggest challenge to going anywhere on the net are the multiple layers of access that are suddenly available to you. One minute we are looking for airfare than the next moment our Facebook page is open after we receive an email that someone has written on our wall. By having our minds distracted with the net, we are less inclined to pay attention to the subtle clues around us.

Research by The Brain and Creativity Institute suggests that distractions created by the use of mobile Internet devices make it less likely that we will fully grasp the psychological states of those around us. This results in us paying less attention to things happening around and in us!

One of the best ways to make sure that the net is not zapping your intuition is by taking internet breaks.  Giving yourself a regular time period to go without being plugged in might be challenging at first.  Let’s face it most of us check out Facebook and other social media sites all during the day.

Powerful significant moments in your life will zip by if when we do not allow ourselves to be fully present in our lives.  Have you ever been out and your friend is constantly checking their cell phone?  First of all this behavior is rude and secondly it sends the subtle message that the individual is not focused on being present with you.

Science fiction writer and blogger Cory Doctorow says that whenever we turn on our computer, we are plunged into a ecosystem of interruption technologies. Making it impossible for us to stay focused on any one thing for too long. By concentrating less we are often make rapid fire decisions, instead of allowing us to connect with our own inner voice. Taking a moment to step away from the net and asking yourself questions such as–is this right or wrong for me–gives your brain a chance to expand and gives you access to vital information.

Giving up the net isn’t an option for most of us. We are deeply ingrained in a culture and lifestyle that operates at this level in every moment. Choosing to make dedicated time to expand our higher consciousness as a way to open ourselves up to enlightened way of thinking to help us make better decisions and life choices.

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Intuition Expands When We Ask Two Vital Questions

To expand our intuition we must ask ourselves two vital questions:

1. What is my purpose?
2. How can I serve?

If you find answering these questions difficult, do the internal work and allow an inner dialogue with your intuition to unfold. When you know this, you will find yourself feeling less like your life involves climbing a mountain and more aligned with the effortless flow of your life journey. Pulling back the layers of your consciousness and revealing the panoramic view of your life plan will result in a profound healing effect on the collective consciousness for your family, your community and ultimately the world. We need people who are willing to express their energy at the highest level.

These are five men who I feel lived with positive energy that is still being felt today:

1. Albert Einstein
2. Martin Luther King, Jr.
3. W.E.B. Du Bois
4. Max Planck
5. Leonardo Da Vinci

W.E. B. Du Bois is the one whose illustrious life I will focus on today. He was the first African-American to earn a Ph.D in History at Harvard in 1896. Later, he became a professor of history and economics at Atlanta University. As head of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) in 1910, he was founder and editor of the NAACP’s journal, The Crisis. During his long turbulent career, W. E. B. Du Bois attempted virtually every possible solution to address the problems of the twentieth-century: racism, propaganda, integration, national self-determination, human rights, cultural and economic separatism, and politics. All of these issues are still ones that we face today.

From the time he was born until his death, Dr. Du Bois embraced education as a way to raise the consciousness of the planet. Each of us has that same ability to expand ourselves and to change the world around us. To fully grasp the opportunity for us to create in our own lives, it starts with your ability to know your purpose and how can you serve. This will help you to know the truth for your own life. It is always best to start with the truth and to end with the truth. Your truth will depend on what you are doing with your life and where you intend to go. Each of us has a profound potential to change the world. Love your abilities, your cleverness, your splendid ability to connect with your intuition. We have forgotten to connect with this flow of energy. Wherever you are today there are still valuable lessons to be learned and the opportunity for you to contribute to life. Each of us has the power to determine our future but we must open ourselves to the same flow of energy available to great thinkers such as W.E.B. Du Bois to expand our journey.

W.E.B. Du Bois, historian, sociologist, civil rights activist and author

W.E.B. Du Bois, historian, sociologist, civil rights activist and author

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Oprah Ultimate Viewer Embraces Love After Going to Australia

It has been a little over two months since I have returned from the Oprah’s Ultimate Australia Adventure and each day something happens to remind me of this enlightening journey. Valentine’s Day offers a special opportunity to recall the overwhelming sense of love that flowed on this trip. The 300 audience members who traveled Down Under featured a smorgasbord of all kinds of couples…mothers and children, siblings, lovers and friends. Regardless of their differences the note which sounded most clearly in this group was love!

Expressing love allowed each day in Australia to flow with creativity and imagination. No matter what was going on in our lives back home, the group lived fully in the now.

Since coming back there are all kind of challenges going on for many of us. Chronic unemployment, foreclosures, health challenges and weather changes are creating a frightening time for many in our group. Feeling love does not erase all of this! What this emotion does do is it opens you up to believing there are infinite opportunities and wonderful adventures available to all of us! Remaining open is what changes things. The more seasoned you are to experiencing love the more capable you are to responding in the moment to whatever happens to you in life.

Here are three steps to help you focus on love this Valentine’s Day:

1. Meditate on “I am loving awareness.” In his book, Be Love Now, Ram Dass calls spiritual practice and meditation the foundation for living in the present. When we express compassion in our heart for ourselves, this frees us from carrying around the emotional clutter of old habits, regrets and residues of deep hurts and fears.

2. Create a spiritual community. Hang out with people who are on the same journey. It has been remarkable watching 14 women who traveled to the Northern Territory together, continue to maintain regular contact through emails and conference calls. In a very sense Oprah’s Ultimate Australia Adventure trip created this for us.

3. Biggest step is surrendering. Letting go of the stuff that keeps you from moving forward is the only way to truly embrace life. We watched who people who traveled to Down Under give up their fear of heights, water, groups and even the unknown! Surrendering to love is an ongoing process. it does not mean that you won’t face pain or disappointments.

The Ultimate Australian Adventure was in many ways a constant stream of love. The lessons learned from this experience are still unfolding for many who traveled on this amazing trip with Oprah. For many it has fortified their self worth, expanded their view of the world and allowed them to once again remember how it feels to experience love!

Oprah celebrates in Sydney with Ultimate Fans

Oprah celebrates in Sydney with Ultimate Fans

Oprah Sparkles After Cruising With Russell Crowe!

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Spending two hours cruising around the Sydney Harbour with Russell Crowe definitely put Oprah in a good mood! The talk show host told fans it was Crowe’s idea that the tour took to the Harbour.

The spectacular sight of 21 vessels crewed by her ultimate fans carrying the Oprah Final Season logo was as the star described, “an amazing moment!” The Harbour for me was one of the most significant moments to behold on this dream adventure. Oprah’s signature pink “O” on the bridge made me smile with pride.

Leaving the water Oprah continued to transform each moment into a more special occasion for her 300 Ultimate Fans. With a glass of champagne in her hand, the talk show queen proceeded to toast the beautiful country of Australia.

With security at close hand, the fans jockeyed for position to take the ultimate photo for their scrapbooks! The Queen of Talk spoke in the spontaneous, heartfelt style which has become the trademark for a 25-year experience as one of the world’s most powerful women. While speaking Oprah walked around with mike in hand, smiling and gesturing making each one of feel like we were the only one in the room!

Oprah spoke to her Ultimate Fans during an elegant waterside brunch at Bungalow 8 at Sydney’s King Street Wharf. For some it appeared Oprah’s talk would be the final up-close and personal experience we would have with the talk show host. Little did we know that this illuminating woman would even show up to say good by to all of us at the airport!

The audience laughed when Oprah commented that the screening of each trip attendee was dedicated to “keeping this an asshole free adventure.” Carrying 300 people to various sites and locations has been an extremely pleasant experience, said Oprah.

Russell Crowe and Oprah in Sydney Harbour

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OWN Helps Oprah Viewer to Relive Australia Trip!

Oprah’s Ultimate Australia Trip was a once-in-a-lifetime experience I will never forget! Watching the behind the scenes details on how the Ultimate Viewer Show was put together confirms what I have always known… Oprah knows how to build a strong cohesive team around her to make things happen at the highest level!

From the moment we were selected each of became a part of the Oprah Show marketing extravaganza which has helped them to stay at the top of their game for 25 years! A special website was created where each of our thoughts, needs and desires were dissected on everything from our culinary tastes to what we wanted to do most during out stay Down Under! We were treated to a wide array of offerings including everything from: surfing, going shopping, galleries, wine tours, biking tours, visiting the rainforest, animals and nature and my favorite was the opportunity to learn about Aboriginal people and culture.

For me that’s when everything about this trip connected with my deepest dreams and desires. I fell in love with the Aboriginal people after reading the book, Mutant Message Down Under by Marlo Morgan.

Oprah didn’t disappoint the 14 women who were hand selected to go to the Northern Territory! We were flown on a Qantus flight to a private plane and finally a helicopter to be transported to wholly Aboriginal owned-land,Arnhem Land.

We visited Gabarmung Cave, which was rediscovered in 2006 and since then has been the site of an international archaeological dig which has uncovered one of the most spectacular displays of rock art ever seen before. The cave features a naturally-formed temple covered in hundreds of Aboriginal rock paintings.

Hidden Rock Art Cave Found in Australia

The Oprah Show will air 4 shows on the Ultimate Australian Adventure on January 18,19,20 & 21st

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Light Expands Intuition

Each of us must examine, explore and redefine the boundaries we have imposed on our lives. Consciously choosing to evolve yourself and having your wits about you to ask for information is the best way to transform and transmit change. We live in a free-will universe and the free-will zone exists in your inner wisdom. Here are three ways to embrace your talents and abilities:

1. Bring light into the body. Light is information. Each of us must work to radically change our views and breakdown self-imposed boundaries. You must be able to understand both your identity and your ability to alter your identify to create anything you desire. Have you taken time to examine who you were a year ago? Whatever situation you are living in today your thoughts have played a role in your life journey.

2. Reach out with your feeling center. The confusion spreading around is felt on all levels. When you allow yourself to be drained by feelings of fear and uncertainty it literally feels like things are crumbling. To create a new consciousness you must use what you have inside of you all the time.

3. Discover what you are in your physical body. Who’s going to bail you out when things get rough? The bottom line is that you are your own rescue team. There is incredible assistance from all kinds of realms; however it depends on your ability to access and change your energy and frequency. The way to change your frequency is by determination, willpower and commitment.

Each of us is sending our telepathic broadcast out. We need to examine the boundaries we have set. The limitations that you set, and freely advertise announce to others what we believe about ourselves. Spiritual upliftment occurs with conscious direction of our awareness and energy. By choosing to remember our natural birthright to use our intuition and to be consistently aware of what is going on in and around us, then we will become powerful. Greater possibilities will be everyday occurrences for those who consciously choose to evolve themselves. Each of us is capable to defying the laws of humanity by continuously reminding ourselves we are pulling light into our body. Nothing is stronger then a person who is committed to the energy of light. Choosing to live with in a higher frequency will make a marked difference in your life. Live your light.

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Prosper Your Life By Living More Intuitively

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You benefit by living life intuitively. This will allow you to perceive and become aware of your true potential. It’s easy to increase your awareness to be able to enrich your life experience on all levels. Here are the four steps to expand your intuition:

1. Set the intention to be free of all struggle. We literally wear ourselves out and dampen our ability to connect with our intuition by believing that life is a challenge. Taking time each day to fully express joy in everything that you do, allows you to move past old limitations and open the cosmic doorway to overwhelming prosperity. Each of us has the personal responsibility and ability to uplift ourselves and commit to achieving our highest potential. Each day write out your highest and best intention and you will soon start to keep track of your dreams which have manifested.

2. Recognize that you are unique and that it is easy to operate in a greater awareness capacity then we realize. Allow yourself to take time to become still several times each day. Becoming acutely aligned to what is going on inside of you, this is one of the best ways to strengthen your intuitive muscle. Pay attention to your subtle energy and notice what events, people or things cause your energy level to shift. Know what makes you feel good and connect with that energy.

3. Believe that you have been gifted with incredible potential. Most of us never fully engage our ability to tap into potential energy. Working at this level allows you to become free of self-imposed boundaries and limitations. You will start to see yourself moving past the things that you felt were holding you back.

4. Recognize that extraordinary experiences happen to you everyday. Operate in a trust mode and learn to integrate this in every level of your life. Trust that life will awaken new opportunities for you to thrive and prosper. Recently, I set an intention to be in the audience of the Oprah’s premiere show entitled, “The Ultimate Fan.” Crafting an email that reflected the creative and positive way she has turned on the inner light for others, I received a phone call two days later from one of the producer’s. The phone call ended with the young lady telling me that, “this phone call is no guarantee that you will be the audience. That decision will be made at a later date.” Listening to the call with me was my husband of 15-years. Without hesitation, I told him of my intention to be in audience for the Oprah Ultimate Fan Show. I decided to express the highest joy about my being on the show and relaxed into my being a part of the experience. If you’d like to read more go to http://www.shereefranklin.com and read my blog entitled, “How to Be On the Oprah Show.”

Turning inward to vision your internal blueprint for success will allow you to thrive and prosper. It is imperative to base your future on stepping forward each day with clarity of what you intend to experience. Cultivating this habit will allow you to connect with the awareness that thought creates experience. You benefit by participating in life at the highest level and connecting with your intuition. When we choose to consciously move past our physical world,you are endowed with experiences and characteristics that will expand your life.

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