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Using Your Intuition To Guide You During Divorce

Divorce is a very painful experience for many people.   The anger, hurt, frustration and sometimes even rage fills our body, mind and spirit to such a high degree that it becomes nearly impossible to listen to your intuition.  Tapping into your inner knowing in our darkest moments, will connect you with the energy of grace which has the power to lift you out of any state of consciousness.

One female client who is struggling through a difficult two-year divorce process, found herself facing her worse fear and experienced what I have come to know as, “the dark night of the soul.”  When a moment like this occurs we usually find ourselves crying uncontrollably and are at a complete loss for all feelings of hope and love.

Paying attention to yourself in the midst of inner anguish is one of the best ways to intuitively shift out of what you are facing. Allow yourself a specific time to be able to cry, scream, beat a pillow, or even rage about what is going on inside of you.  If possible, set a clock and give yourself a deadline on when to stop.

After freely releasing all your emotions, bring yourself back to the present moment by focusing deeply on your breathing. You can immerse yourself in the simple and profound teachings of Thich Nhat Hahn and practice mindful breathing:

In Our

Deep, Slow

Calm, Ease

Smile, Release

Present Moment, Wonderful Moment

The key is to immerse yourself into a feeling of hope.  Pray, read something inspirational, put on music that speaks to your soul.   Be gentle with yourself and if you feel inclined seek professional guidance for the challenges you are facing.

My client in her moment of despair chose to go to bed with her arms wrapped around her Bible.  In describing the experience to me the next day she told me of being intuitively guided to take the book.

Paying attention to the ordinary moments in our lives as well as the extraordinary ones is one of the best ways to use your intuition to shift out of any situation you face.  She awakened with a sense of understanding, enlightenment and wisdom about the changes that must be made in her life.

Our intuition responds most effectively when we give our spirit nourishment.  As we absorb the truths about ourselves and the lessons the moment has revealed, the powerful energy of grace has the ability to lift you in an instant.

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Using Your Intuition Is Like Playing a Wii Game

Life is like an interactive Wii game.  Some days we choose a game that we know will be easy to win.  Other times we get into a competitive mode and swing at everything that comes our way, wanting desperately to win. Just as we imagine ourselves in the crucial moment of  any Wii game, this is the same heightened awareness that we can tap into with our intuition.

We play various games in consciousness…sometimes choosing to be aware other times we let our worries, anxieties and fears dictate the game we play in our lives.  By not thinking about the future, not thinking about the past, just being aware in the present moment, like in the clutch point of a WI basketball game, we are so powerful.

Our availability to the energy level has been proven scientifically.  The Founder of Quantum Theory, Max Planck won a Nobel Prize in 1918 with his revolutionary work proving that there is a matrix of energy that provides the blueprint for our physical world.  Tapping into the matrix is a lot easier then most of us know.

It starts by making dedicated time to focus on what you want in your life.  Ask for guidance and direction first, and then at least twice a day sit down and write out three things that you want to create.  Feel your desires very deeply.  The key is to connect with your emotions.  When we operate at this level we are working with the invisible particles of energy that Max Planck proved with his work.  Change happens in the invisible level.

Once you are focusing on your desires on a consistent basis then you will find it easier for your actions to match what you want to create.

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Use Your Intuition To Enpower Yourself In Times of Crisis

We learn about people on a lot of different levels.  We find out their likes and dislikes, but it isn’t until they face a crisis that you really get to know them.  It during times of upheaval that turning to our intuition becomes critical in our ability to heal our bodies, minds and spirit.

When we hear a diagnosis about a disease for ourselves or someone we care about, our minds go into an “earthquake mode.”  For a while your brain has problems processing what you are hearing, the options to pursue and how to even organize your life to handle it.

In my earlier blog, on “How to Heal A Soul Wound,” I mentioned a young female client who died from colon cancer after undergoing two severe emotional hurts.  Today I want to give you a formula for creating a new experience for yourself whenever something happens which spins you out-of-control.

After processing the news of whatever situation you are facing, become acutely aware of any or all group feelings of the people who are supporting you.  In the book, Why People Don’t Heal, by Caroline Myss, Ph.D. she calls this the “tribal level.”  She says that how the group absorbs this experience is where most people direct their energy in the time of a health crisis.

Myss like me, urges people to go into the “Individual Mind,” where you move out of fear and despair to seek an inner dialogue with yourself about the issue or problem you are facing.  Try to determine what patterns of strength and weakness that have influenced your life. Innate patterns reveal themselves to show us valuable insights that play a critical role in any healing process.

In my work, I urge people to say and feel deeply the words, “I Will to Live,” when they are in the midst of upheaval.  Myss says in her book to say to yourself a hundred times a day,”The illness is not the issue. The issue is the loss of power this illness generates in my life.”

When we interpret the negative challenges of our lives as a tremendous gift, we realize that we can choose to enpower ourselves by being aware of our patterns and turning to our intuition as a valuable tool  in our healing process.

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Recovering From A Soul Wound

Most of us know when something happens to our heart.  We know if our heart stops beating our life will end.  Yet, we often do not take the time to notice the deep emotional hurts that are held in our hearts until it is too late.  When we use our intuition to consciously check in with our hearts it can enpower us to transform our lives.

In my work as an Intuitive Counselor, I saw my first case of a young woman who died from a soul wound.  The first deep hurt occurred when her husband betrayed her with another woman who worked in the same profession.  My client chose to stay in the same work environment after the divorce.

Sometime later, she met another man and for about a year or so engaged in a relationship.  They traveled and he visited her home and spent time with her daughter.  The man died very suddenly and at this point she found out he was married.  She was unable to attend the funeral and grieved very deeply about this second betrayal.

Anger, and frustration radiated from every level with my client.  She stayed focused on being a “victim,” and wasn’t willing to do the work to change.  Less then a year later, this 46-year-old vibrant woman was diagnosed with colon cancer.  She underwent surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy.  Despite what the death certificate reads I know clearly in my heart that an unhealed soul wound was the root cause of the manifestation of disease.

Each of us does have the power and capacity to change ourselves and transform any situation we are facing.  When we commit ourselves to transforming we must release worries about the past and future.

Being mindful of your thoughts, feelings and emotions is like sharpening a pencil.  We must sharpen our awareness so that we can make decision to change when our soul becomes wounded.

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People Are Turning More to Their Beliefs

x24086In these challenging times, people are turning more to their beliefs as a way to navigate their life path. Mitch Albom’s book, Have A Little Faith, gives one of the most insightful and enlightening views on the differences and similarities between the beliefs of rich and poor, young and old, Jewish and Christian.

Albom receives a request from his hometown Rabbi to prepare his eulogy. He takes the reader through the sacred community of his youth and brings us up-to-date with what he faces in this momentous task. You might think talking about a person’s eulogy would be terribly morbid, but the book is more about life and how we face it with our faith.

The world acclaimed author of Tuesdays With Morrie, shows us another side of his tremendous talent and abilities by intertwining the story of his Rabbi with that of an African American minister in an inner-city church in Detroit, Michigan. The lives of these men of faith surprise the reader with the intersecting thoughts on the development of their attitudes and beliefs.

In my line of work as an Intuitive Counselor, I hear a lot about faith. Faith comes in many different shapes, colors and ages. Oftentimes, in this hectic world people don’t turn to their faith until things hit rock bottom in their life. There’s no security system you can purchase to help you when you need it. Our beliefs are the cornerstone of our faith and interwoven in the invisible threads of our souls.  Intuitively, we are guided on our life path to that which feels familiar.  The key is to develop and maintain a ritual and practice to have in place before you find yourself in a period of upheaval. That way, when a bump occurs you can go into automatic pilot and recall what has made you feel good before.

Mortality is an arm’s length away for each of us and knowing what we believe is crucial part of developing a plan to handle whatever life throws our way.

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Intuition Helps Determine What Business to Start

Record unemployment has forced many people to pursue new careers. Many are deciding to sprout their entrepreneurial roots in this challenging economy.  Determining what kind of business to start is a matter of connecting with your skills, talents, wealth of experience, knowledge and intuition.

Start by making a list of all the jobs you’ve held in the past.  Identify the tasks or duties that you liked best about each position.  It’s difficult to put a value on fulfilling your highest aspirations, but begin by determining what bought you joy in your work.  Don’t concentrate on what will look to others, once you take your ego out of the equation the risk is less challenging.  Include even volunteer service jobs you’ve participated in or things your parents made you do.

Recall any dreams you’ve had that fascinate or hold your attention. These can be very revealing and can provide you with the clarity in knowing what path to follow.  When you become clear on what your ideal business looks like, determine what kinds of people you want to be around and identify the work that fulfills you.

As more jobs disappear the work that remains will demand a deeper understanding of what emotionally connects with people’s needs  Even in tough economic times people spend money keeping their pets healthy, enrichment for their kids and looking good. Listen to what is inside of you. Our intuition speaks through our yearnings, fears, questions and deep passions. Logical and analytical abilities can no longer guarantee success.  Those who succeed will be the ones who can show compassion and empathy to their clients and meet their needs with outstanding service.

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Can we use our intuition to overcome fear?

Many people are feeling the emotion of  fear on  a regular basis.  A soaring unemployment rate of 9.7% has everyone worrying and wondering about the right risks to take in their daily lives.  One of the most effective ways to thrive in this challenging period is by combining your intuition with analytical thinking to help you:  recognize patterns, uncover hidden clues and make bold leaps of imagination.

The key is knowing the right questions to ask yourself and paying attention to the internal clues that come up when you answer them.  A new book, Take the Risk, by Dr. Ben Carson, a world renown neurosurgeon, gives one of the most precise and detailed examples for helping you overcome fear.

This book details Dr. Carson’s Best/Worse Analysis formula as follows:

  • What is the best thing that can happen if I do this?
  • What is the worse thing that can happen if I do this?
  • What is the best thing that can happen if I don’t do it?
  • What is the worse thing that can happen if don’t do it?

You’re probably looking at the questions,shaking your head, and thinking, Will this work for me?  Even if after answering the questions you don’t have a positive outcome, doing this exercise is like getting a front end  alignment for your car..  After you do it, less of the bumps show up in your life journey.  Your conscious mind and your intuition will combine to help you start to feel and think more clearly about your choices.

To thrive in this challenging marketplace, individuals and organizations must expand our well-developed high tech abilities with our conscious awareness on how to take risks.  Our ability to use our intuition is the only thing that differentiates us from every other creature in the world.

For more information go to

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Dynamic Duo Uses Intuition To Help Save Kidnap Victim

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A female version of Batman and Robin played a big role in the rescue of kidnap victim Jaycee Lee Dugard and her two daughters. This 18-year-old kidnap case had police baffled, until two officers working for the University of Berkeley California Police Department connected with their intuition, instincts and bravery to turn this this into a story of great hope.

Officers Allison (Ally) Jacobs and Lisa Campbell encountered Phillip Garrido and his two daughters on August 24th when they came to the University to get approval for a crusade he had planned.

Upon meeting Garrido, the accused kidnaper, and his girls the officers said, “they knew something didn’t seem right.”

The two are trained professionals and managed their intuitive insight with a keen awareness that we can all learn lessons from. The steps they took, are the same ones each of us are capable of doing when a significant hunch enters our mind.  Here are the three steps the officers took to make decisions with confident and greater clarity:

1. Ask questions. The two female officers began to ask the girls leading questions.  Officer Jacobs said the 11- year old girl was staring at her with pale, bright blue eyes. Though they didn’t look malnourished she remarked on the younger girl’s look in her eyes. “It was like she was looking into my soul,” Officer Jacobs said.  Paying attention to how you think and feel about the person you are talking to is critical in being able to take action which could lead to a significant life change.  The officers scheduled a second meeting with Garrido the very next day.

2.  Observe body language.  The more frequently we use our intuition the more details we will take in.  Clearly there are moments when are thoughts, beliefs and emotions meet with our intuition – the key is to be present within your presence, so you can notice when our brain and intuition interconnect.  Everyone of us will have the possibly of at least one moment in our life, when our inner awareness could have a significant impact.

3. Take action quickly. Officer Jacobs had no basis in which she could make an arrest but when Phillip Garrido left, she made a phone call to his parole officer. In the telephone conversation with the parole officer, she found out that Garrido had no children.  Oftentimes, an intuitive insight is one that we must consciously choose to act upon no matter how busy we find ourselves.  The key is being able to slow down and pay attention when it happens.  If the two officers had been “too busy” to notice Garrido he could have easily continued to elude arrest as he did for 18 years.

When we use out intuition and trust it, we have the ability to make momentous decisions and take definitive actions that are capable of life changing consequences.

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Expand Your Intuition Through Your Subconscious Mind

It’s easy to find yourself in a rut!  Maybe, you are  having trouble coming up with ideas for your blog, or finding a job, getting a relationship to work, or even getting yourself to turn off the computer and clean the house…the answer might be as simple as turning to your intuition for help.   Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book, Goodbye, Excuses, gives a simple method on how to make it happen.

Dyer explains that our brain operates like a computer.  It stores our thoughts, feelings and emotions in the databank of our subconscious mind.  Since 90% of our activities are governed by the subconscious mind, he suggests we work with the brain. .

Getting the subconscious mind to pay attention is so easy!   He suggests that you tell your subconscious mind that you know it’s accustomed to being in control, but now you have taken charge.

I tried this with my own subconscious mind after experiencing a long drought in getting my blog out.  First, I quieted my mind and did a 10-minute meditation with the intent to communicate with my subconscious mind.  Dyer’s directions even include you visualizing talking to your subconscious mind.  This is where my love for Star Trek came in…I saw a small hologram of my face just to the right of my head.  I told my subconscious brain exactly what Dr. Dyer said and then directed  to give me the creativity and discipline to get my blog done on a regular basis.  

The one thing I added that Dr. Dyer didn’t have is that mine ended with my “thanking my subconscious mind for listening and my desire for us to work together everyday so that I will reach the true potential for my life.”

In the book, A Whole New Mind, Daniel Pink he says we are moving out of an information age and into a conceptual age.  We all need to have knowledge that cannot be outsourced to India or Asia.  Training yourself to work with your subconscious mind enhances and expands your intuition to create the life you want.  Pink says this is the changing landscape of the future.

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Use Your Intuition for Your 6-month Checkup

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We are already six months into 2009, and it is a good time to ask your intuition if things are moving along the way you want in your life.

In my work as an Intuitive Counselor one of the things I talk to my clients about is the importance of examining their life plan more than once a year. It’s a lot easier to course correct when you fully engaged in what is happening in your life. Connecting with your inner awareness is a great way to self-assess and determine what areas need to be changed, revised or even scrapped.

Start by being open to connecting with your intuition and asking these three critical questions:

1. When was the last time I stepped out on faith or did something to confront my fears?

2. Have I taken time to invest in myself . . . such as read a book to expand my tool set, stretched out of my comfort zone to network in a new group, gone to a workshop or seminar that wasn’t sponsored by my job, or simply challenged myself to be a better me? (See details below for this one.)

3. When was the last time You took a risk?

The information is always there is you choose to listen. Tell your intuition you are receptive to the message and believe that the information you receive is Divinely-Directed.

Go to my website to find out more details about my workshop on “The Power of Your Beliefs.” It’s a great way to stretch your intuitive muscle in an interactive learning experience.

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