Awaken Your Intuition

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Awaken Your Intuition

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The popularity of the television programs the Ghost Whisperer and Medium has more people thinking about ways to expand their intuitive abilities. Most of us weren’t born with the special gifts those characters portray, but each of us has an innate ability to connect with our inner knowing.

Developing this tool will help you make better decisions, determine when something is wrong or right for you or even who to trust. Clearing the chaos in your mind is the first step to being able to connect with your inner consciousness.  It begins with making consistent time for silence. Our society does not condition people to be in complete silence, so your first attempt may feel like it went on for eternity.

Set short time periods that are realistic, rather then attempting to become a master mediator on the first day.

Deep breathing exercises is one of the best ways to become relaxed. Guided meditation CDs are a good way to get started. One meditation CD which has a book to offer instructions is Getting in the Gap by Dr. Wayne Dyer.

Once you start to connect with your inner knowing you can ask yourself questions. They could be as simple as what route to take to work, or characteristics or traits about a person that you don’t know. Play with it, test yourself and you’ll find that exercising your muscle of inner knowing will get stronger. Accessing your intuition and trusting it is like sharpening a pencil.

Connecting with your intuition allows us to feel powerful and more trusting of ourselves. How many times have you beat yourself up over not following what you knew all along? Practicing with your intuition on a daily basis gives you a powerful tool to use in all areas of your life!

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