Being Intuitively Aware of How to Create Miracles

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Being Intuitively Aware of How to Create Miracles

Do you believe in miracles? If so, you are in sync with a recent poll that shows 9 out of 10 people believe in miracles. To me, believing in miracles and being comfortable with your intuition go hand-in-hand.

To recognize the miracles that are always happening in and around us, we need to understand what a miracle is. Is it a BIG, over-the-top life altering experience. It can be. But typically it’s not. Webster’s Dictionary defines a miracle as an exceptional event of special significance. The root word of miracle means wonderful. And when something fills us with wonder … that’s where the miracles are.

How many of those moments do we miss? When we learn to think intuitively, not so many. This means that we need to keep our spiritual goggles on to notice the special moments and recognize miracles in our lives. It could be little things such as receiving a check that we did not expect, as I did the other day just when it was needed. Or receiving an unexpected gift or hearing just what we needed to hear as we faced a difficult decision or circumstance.

What I have discovered is that miracles do not speak to the language of your mind, but of our soul. And the doorway to our soul is opened when we consciously embrace the gift of our intuition.  We cannot do this if we keep ourselves too busy to do this. We must set aside quiet time to enter into a state of silence, dedicating time to connecting with our inner wisdom. One of the best descriptions I have read of what it means to enter into the silence and discover your intuition is reflected in the book, Dying To Be Me by Anita Moorjani.

The author details her near death experience, also known as NDE:

“During my NDE, there was nothing outside of my greater awareness because I was one with the entirety of the Universal energy. It felt as though I encompassed totality. In that state, there was a total clarity and all become known. I seemed to become everything, and I existed in everything.”

 Each of us has the ability to connect with the Universal energy that Moorjani describes. We don’t have to be a yogi master, have a near death experience or levitate across the room to make a connection with this free-flowing energy.

Each breath we take and each choice we make provides the threads that connect us to our intuition. Many people think that miracles happen “out there,” but when we strengthen our intuitive muscle, we realize that we are experiencing miracles everyday (“in here”).

To align with this energy you must firmly ground yourself in the unwavering belief in your connection to the Source of all power. For me, being in nature many times draws me into this awareness in an instant. I recently visited one of the most visually captivating spots in the world, the Grand Canyon. Within a few minutes of looking out at one of the majestic peaks I heard my intuition say, “I am connected to all that has been created in the Universe. The power of miracles lies inside each person.”

You can enter into your own private experience with your intuition by taking deep breaths, or simply focusing on deep love and gratitude. There’s no right or wrong way to do it. The key is that by maintaining your intuitive connection, you are expanding your life at a deeper level.

Intuitive Life Strategist Sheree Franklin helps people to find the courage to release their life challenges in order to live in alignment with their true self.  She is the author of Intuition: The Hidden Asset Everyone Should Learn to Use.  To learn more about Franklin’s book go to  Sheree Franklin is a practitioner at Holistic Health Practice at One East Superior, in Chicago. You can email your questions at [email protected] Her practice includes one-to-one coaching as well as speaking to organizations. For more information go to or call 312-664-8376.



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