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Vet Memory Shared When Women Follows Her Intuition

This holiday season is the perfect time to support a vet by allowing them to share their memories and experiences.  Mine happened in the most unlikely time when I was intuitively led to help a family member clean out his home.

One of the most memorable experiences of my life happened when I volunteered to help my uncle clean out the apartment he had been in for over 50 years.  The dirt, dust, and old broken televisions and furniture had been cleaned out over a number of torturous months and one rainy Saturday I opened up a closet door which changed everything.

Somehow in the midst of all the clutter my uncle’s old army uniform had been preserved in a suit bag in a hallway closet.  When I pulled it out it took me a moment to process what I had in my hands — a family treasure.  I called my Uncle Jones in and when he saw the uniform I was treated to one of his rare smiles.  The man who had worn this soldier’s garment was now hidden in a frail body standing on a cane.  Suddenly my intuition took over and I asked, “Do you want to try it on?”  He shrugged slightly at first as if it did not matter, but I sensed that my uncle did want to put on the jacket.  Placing his cane first against the wall, I decided to just help him into the uniform.  I wish you could have been there for the moment…it was so precious.  One of my deepest regrets is that I did not think to get my cell phone and record this very special moment.  As my uncle settled into having his uniform on again, I watched my father’s brother stand straighter as he looked at himself in the mirror.  Uncle Jones even saluted himself.  This rare moment would have never happened if I had not followed my intuition.  My uncle passed away six months after that fateful day we would his old army uniform.  The uniform has now been preserved and we take it out on holidays and show pictures of him.

This was excerpted from my book Intuition: The Hidden Asset Everyone Should Learn to Use.

It is never too late to help veterans  share their memories.  The men and women who gave so much to insure the world we live in deserve us giving the greatest acts of kindness that we can offer to them…time.  When we give the gift of time this brings a change in people that carries on for hours, days & months.  The history we discover from spending times with vets need to be shared with our families and communities.  We should not have to look in history books to find heroes.  They are all around us we just need to pay attention and offer vets the opportunity to share their wisdom and knowledge.

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Finding the Courage to Trust Your Intuition

It takes courage to trust and take action on our intuitive hunches. One of underlying reasons why we do not follow our inner guidance is often because we do not want to risk making a mistake.

Most of us would rather be safe than to change, even when we know our choice is no longer working for us. It is only when we make the time to carefully examine our lives that many of us finally admit that our misfortunes in life are often due to us ignoring or refusing to act on what we felt in our hearts was the right thing to do.

Part of the challenge in taking action on what our intuition alerts us to do is because we do not know how to decipher the invisible signals it sends us. In the book Thrive: The Third Metric to Defining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder by Arianna Huffington, Psychologists Martin Seligman and Michael Kahana describe intuition-based decision making as:
(a) Rapid
(b) Not conscious
(c) Used for decisions involving multiple dimensions
(d) Based on vast stores of prior experiences
(e) Characteristic of experts
(f) Not easily or accurately articulated afterwards
(g) Often made with high confidence

Since intuition is hard to define, it is easy for us brush our feelings aside because we do not have the courage to stand up for something that we cannot rationalize to another person. Two of the common factors which play a part in our inability to trust our inner knowing are, we often refuse to take action because we do not want to risk hurting or disagreeing with someone, and daring to be different from the group or community that we belong to.

Truth be told, most of us are much more comfortable with following than leading. Creative thinkers are rare. It is ironic that we actually increase our chances for success when we open our minds to our intuition.

If we are really honest with ourselves, it is often hard for us to admit to others that our gut is the plays a big factor in our decision making process. We live in a world that relies on tables, charts and other hard data as the underlying factor for most of the choices we make. Standing firm and believing in your feelings despite what others want to do takes courage. We express our inner strength whenever we speak our truth regardless of what anyone else is doing.

What makes humans unique is the right we have to make our own choices. Many of us are extremely frustrated that things are not going right in our lives, yet we do not have the courage to act and make the changes needed for things to be different. If we are really honest with ourselves, most of us have stayed too long in jobs, relationships, and even places that we live, simply because we do not have the courage to change.

Our intuitive abilities are always there to help guide us by steering us in the right direction by picking up on intricate details that our conscious minds may not notice. The key in being willing to trust our instincts is based primarily on the inner relationship we have developed with ourselves.

Strengthening our intuition muscle begins with self-discovery. This does not happen while we are talking on our iphone, listening to music and playing a video game all at the same time. Moment of self-reflection happen when we consciously choose to turn off the external noise and to become silent.

It is during moments of silence, or meditation that we learn to be comfortable in knowing ourselves–and begin to love the good and not-so-good aspects of who we are. It is through our self-love that we learn to pay attention and become more comfortable with acting on our inner nudges and hunches. When we ignore our inner knowing it retreats from us.

Everyday we are surrounded by opportunities to act on the guidance and direction we receive from our intuition. The better we know ourselves, it is easier to become totally comfortable in trusting our instincts and feelings. Having the courage to take action on your intuitive hunches is like flexing an invisible muscles everyday; making it stronger and even more precise.

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Is the Internet Blocking Our Intuition?

The internet is highly seductive! We start off looking for one piece of information, and suddenly find ourselves transmitted by colorful and blinking hyperlinks to people, places, articles and things that we hadn’t even planned on finding out about! We live attached to our mobile devices and it is changing our brains!  Not to mention how easy it is so easy to loose track of time once we get on the net.

Neurologists have known all along that the human brain rewires itself depending on how it is used, an ability they call “plasticity.” This neural rewiring happens after just one hour per day surfing the net according to an experiment by UCLA Psychology Professor Gary Small, MD.

The biggest challenge to going anywhere on the net are the multiple layers of access that are suddenly available to you. One minute we are looking for airfare than the next moment our Facebook page is open after we receive an email that someone has written on our wall. By having our minds distracted with the net, we are less inclined to pay attention to the subtle clues around us.

Research by The Brain and Creativity Institute suggests that distractions created by the use of mobile Internet devices make it less likely that we will fully grasp the psychological states of those around us. This results in us paying less attention to things happening around and in us!

One of the best ways to make sure that the net is not zapping your intuition is by taking internet breaks.  Giving yourself a regular time period to go without being plugged in might be challenging at first.  Let’s face it most of us check out Facebook and other social media sites all during the day.

Powerful significant moments in your life will zip by if when we do not allow ourselves to be fully present in our lives.  Have you ever been out and your friend is constantly checking their cell phone?  First of all this behavior is rude and secondly it sends the subtle message that the individual is not focused on being present with you.

Science fiction writer and blogger Cory Doctorow says that whenever we turn on our computer, we are plunged into a ecosystem of interruption technologies. Making it impossible for us to stay focused on any one thing for too long. By concentrating less we are often make rapid fire decisions, instead of allowing us to connect with our own inner voice. Taking a moment to step away from the net and asking yourself questions such as–is this right or wrong for me–gives your brain a chance to expand and gives you access to vital information.

Giving up the net isn’t an option for most of us. We are deeply ingrained in a culture and lifestyle that operates at this level in every moment. Choosing to make dedicated time to expand our higher consciousness as a way to open ourselves up to enlightened way of thinking to help us make better decisions and life choices.

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De-Clutter Your Mind to Hear Your Inner Voice

Our minds are packed with a million things to do each day making it next to impossible to be quiet and allow ourselves to listen to our intuition.

Every time we turn to our computers, tablets and smartphones, we are bombarded with internet ads, bells and whistles to distract us.  Even when I work from home (like now) and try to stay focused my mind suddenly remembers that the laundry needs to be done or better yet my stomach is just starting to growl due to hunger.

The best way for me to create quiet time for myself is by getting up a little earlier and making myself a cup of tea.  After pouring it, I set the timer on my microwave for 20 minutes and allow myself to sit down and really listen to what is going on inside of me.  Listening and worrying are two different things.  With listening we allow ourselves to get past the mindless chatter until we reach a point where nothing is going on inside of our mind.  Once I enter the space of complete quiet I ask myself questions:  Am I happy?  What can I do today to grow?  Is my body healthy?  (it takes only a few minutes to check in with all my cells, systems and organs to determine if there are any changes).  And I also take the time to create a beautiful bubble of light in my mind’s eye to act as an invisible energy field to protect me throughout the day.

If I am really desperate for time to focus inwardly one of the best place for me to go is into the bathroom. Thinking back to when I did this just yesterday makes me smile! Once I got quiet my intuition guided me to get on the scale.  This gentle nudge helped me to realize the effects of the the last couple of parties and social events…a weight gain!  Coming to that awareness made me set the intention to walk yesterday instead of taking the bus everywhere.

The insight I realized yesterday was minor in the scheme of things,  but there are many times when I go into silence and check in with my body that I feel the pain in my heart over my Mom’s passing 6 years ago.  When I feel the hurt in my heart this gives me the impetus  to express love for her and to pray for all the family members who have passed.  Paying attention to what we feel on the inside is what keeps us connected to our inner awareness.

Remember our lives are constantly unfolding.  Taking a few minutes to stay tuned in is the best way to prepare for whatever changes life takes us through..  The information we need to help guide and direct our lives each day is always there IF we choose to listen.

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What Happens When Others Ignore Our Intuitive Signs?

Have you ever looked in a person’s eyes and knew immediately that something was wrong? Saying what you sense can be risky because you never know how the other person will take the information. And what happens if you are so convinced that your intuition is correct that you take it a step further and share your concerns and the individual flicks it off like a piece of lint? And you make an even greater effort and address your concerns with the person’s boss, only to have your insight ignored again?

It’s easy for me to rely on my own intuition to help guide my life, because that is what I do in my work. But getting a person who is not a trusted friend or a client to listen is often a lot harder. And there’s the other issue of me being morally committed to not violating another person’s privacy and giving them information without being asked.

My internal struggle with knowing when to say something led to me writing this blog today.  It involved a carpenter who was working on a big project in our building.  The difficulty of job was due in part  because “Bill”  had to interact with one female in our cooperative who has a DNA for control.   He was a friendly guy, and unfortunately made the mistake of giving his cell phone number to the female bully and she called him all hours of the day and night.  He did not establish boundaries and tell her to stop or simply decide to keep his cell phone turned off when he went home.  Bill’s reactions to her mirrored those of others in our cooperative who would do anything rather than go up against the female bully. I faced the same dilemma myself, after serving for 3 years on the Board, and made the decision to resign when we got into a shouting match over the phone and I decided to listen when my intuition it told me, “she is not worth it.”

One particular day I looked “Bill” in the eye and saw what I sensed as a feeling of hopelessness. The feeling hit me so hard I took the time to ask him if everything was okay and if he was getting enough rest. Bill pushed off my comment and gave me a fake smile to back up that “everything was okay.” When I got to work, the feeling I had about Bill kept nagging me and I decided to call his boss and suggest that perhaps his worker needed some time off. I mentioned the strong personality he was dealing with and my sense of what was present in Bill’s eyes.

The owner on the company is a good man, but he had also fallen into the same stressed out camp of allowing the female bully to bully him. I guess it is easy to understand why my suggestion fell on deaf ears. As the Board President at the time when the project began, I specifically warned the owner about the female bully, but he did not heed my advice to keep her at arms length.

A week or so later, Bill, the carpenter quit.  It turned out he was a recovering alcoholic and had relapsed. All this happened well over a year ago, but it all came flooding back when the owner of the construction company sent me a text telling me that Bill had died of alcoholism.

As you can imagine the owner of the company is in pain over all this. And even though he is not a client, I gave him the following spiritual treatment to help him though this period:

1. Each day say the Serenity Prayer as many times as possible.
2. While driving when feelings of anxiety and guilt come up say the Lord’s Prayer out loud at least ten times.
3. Remember funny stories about Bill and pray for his family and children.
4. Reach out to the family on a consistent basis and do random acts of kindness on a regular basis.

The news of Bill’s death affected me to deeply, I had to do my own treatment because there is still the nagging feeling inside that I could have done more to help.

In hindsight, I realize how easy it was for me to recognize the warning signs in Bill’s eyes because alcoholism has played a role in two critical male relationships in my life. First, my Dad was an alcoholic during my teenage years. This was the over 30 years ago, and people did not talk about alcoholism like they do today. My mother’s way of handling it was to tell us that nothing was wrong. This experience so affected me that I only realized the full impact it had on my life, when I had to come to gripes with the fact that my first marriage was to an alcoholic.

My dad eventually stopped drinking and became the kind of father who supported us all and did everything he could to help others. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for my first husband, we divorced and he has never been able to beat this dreadful disease.

Today the old hurts came flooding back this morning over young man I knew only briefly who died. And I would be remiss if I did not mention, I do have resentment in my heart over the female bully in my building who I believe played a part in pushing him over the edge.  The owner of the company and I agreed that we would not share the news of Bill’s death with her. I have watched her long enough and she has no capacity for guilt so telling her would not change anything.  And I should add most likely she was not the only factor in causing Bill’s relapse.  As a recovering alcoholic, there is no telling the other issues he was facing.

As part of the human experience, we owe it to each other to attempt to say discuss our concerns with people we care about.  Yes, it is risky and not everyone will admit to you that they are in trouble. But saying nothing will hurt much worse if something occurs and you find yourself regretting over not having taken the chance to express what you sense.

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Intuitively Sense the Emotion of Hope

The emotion of hope is more powerful than fear. Harnessing the ability to create this feeling in our minds, hearts and spirits is easy. Here are a few simple steps to radiate an overwhelming sense of hope each day:
1. Sensing intuitively each morning that your day is going to be constant flow of perfect, health, happiness and joy.
2. Surrounding yourself with people who are happy and radiate a sense of hope in everything they do.
3. Releasing the past.
4. Sending love to all your cells, systems and organs before you get out of the bed.
5. Affirming that the decisions you make are wise and well-thought out.

Read more on how to harness this powerful emotion:

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Are We Meditating Less Because of Social Media?

We live in a world of social media frenzy. One of the major drawbacks to our constant being connected to technology is we deprive ourselves of the inherent clues our intuition provides us.  So, how do we get off of the technology treadmill of life and re-charge our inner wisdom?

The average person has five social media accounts and spends around 1 hour and 40 minutes browsing these networks every day, accounting for 28 percent of the total time spent on the internet.  Yet, many of us have a hard time finding a few minutes to meditate or quiet our minds.

Our internet usage directly even cuts into the time many of us normally would be sleeping.  Today about 20% of Americans report they sleep less than 6 hours a night, and the number of people who say they sleep 8 hours has also decreased. Scientists have confirmed that when we are tired this deprives our brains of the subtle signs that help us guide and direct our lives.

Even if we fall short on getting a full night’s sleep, we can renew, refresh and rejuvenate our mind when we allow ourselves rest time—even if it is only for 10 minutes. Scientists have proven that quieting our minds for brief intervals—known as meditation or mindfulness, is like charging our internal battery.

Once you determine the time that you want to allow rest time, set the timer on your smartphone and put it on silent so that it does not disturb you until your time is up.

Here are the steps for creating a short break to relax your mind:
1. Take 6 deep breaths and set a firm intention to be peaceful.
2. If you notice your mind continuing on a busy stream of thoughts do not judge yourself, instead, gently remind yourself you have set this time for relaxing your mind and will think about those things later.
3. Introduce a word or mantra to help you relax into silencing your mind such as: Peace, Love, God and Joy.
4. When your alarm goes off take a moment to be grateful for the time you have given to take care of yourself.
5. Commit to feeling joy for the rest of your day.

The benefits of resting after working hard were never clearer to me these last two years while writing my first book. There were times in which my mind was so active that I was sleeping sometimes only3-4 hours a night. Afternoons were always the hardest time for me to maintain my mental sharpness, so I started to plan 10-minute rest periods for myself each day. I saw positive effects as soon as I started taking short meditation breaks each day; not only was I more alert, but it was easier for my mind to provide creative insights that I needed to finish my book.

The results I found in taking short rest breaks each day are the same underlying reason why businesses today are implementing meditation and mindfulness practices for their employees. Industry giants such as Google, Aetna, Target, Apple, Nike, General Mills, Goldman Sachs, Proctor & Gamble, AOL, and The Huffington Post, have all created programs to help their workers stay healthy.

These programs include non-conventional classes such as yoga, mindfulness,
Tai Chi, massage, as well as ongoing lectures by professionals on health and wellness.

We all have the ability to develop our own self-care program by setting aside time each day to allow our minds to rest and be peaceful. Making this commitment will go a long way to help us receive the insight, wisdom and hunches that is always available from our intuition.

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Emotion of Fear Blocks Intuition

Fear is the number one reason why our intuition becomes blocked. We live in a predominately left brain world which makes turning to your inner knowing scary. When we get fearful our ability to listen to our inner voice can prevent you from knowing the best option, choice or decision to make. In order to be in the right frame of mind to flow through fearful moments here are three crucial steps to take:

1. Breathe deeply. The first thing that happens when we get nervous or panicky is we start to breathe quickly. It is very easy to get hyperventilated. Becoming aware of your breathe is a big way to connect with your intuition. Research indicates as little as two to three minutes or conscious breathing has a very calming effect.

2. Write down each and every idea that comes to you. As soon as we tell another person what we want to do nine times out of ten that will tell you all the reasons why it cannot be done. We stimulate our minds when we allow our thoughts to flow without judgment. Allowing your imagination to flow is a great way to consider what you would do if money were no option or if you are able to move past your own self imposed barrier…fear!

3. Call your own shots. People who are able to dream about various options for their life are better able to produce creative options when life throw them a curve ball. By allowing yourself to run through various options you are able to become comfortable with what feels right or wrong for you.

When we are fearful we are often afraid of the unknown. People are complex in many ways. When you need to get to the bottom of something it is important that you take quiet time with yourself. By opening up to your intuition it expands and accelerates the infinite possibilities to you in life.

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Power of Broke Lauds Following an Intuitive Hunch

Our ability to achieve business success is directly related to our willingness to following our intuition & taking risks.  This is the message in Daymond John’s new book, Power of Broke: How Empty Pockets, a Tight Budget, and a Hunger for Success Can Become Your Greatest Competitive Advantage

Many people know John as the savvy entrepreneur who started FUBU with a $40 budget and expanded it into a six billion dollar power brand. His new book is packed with savvy, down-to-earth stories of many people just like him, who started their businesses by trusting their gut in the decisions they made.

Let’s face it not everyone is comfortable with people trusting in their intuition enough to take action. John’s tells us it is this willingness to risk everything that makes the difference between the people who achieve great success and those who wallow in self-pity.

The multimillionaire entrepreneur gives us a slice of success in the stories of many people you will recognize from Shark Tank. The people he describes in their heartfelt stories makes the reader feel enpowered and energized.

The biggest key to trusting your gut says John is the power of consistency. Once we learn to rely on our intuition it become like clockwork.  The author gives detailed action steps that beginning and experienced business owners can do to grow and expand their companies.

If you are trying to decide your next step or need an injection of energy to propel you forward in achieving your dreams check out Johnson’s book asap.

Daymond John's book

Daymond John’s book

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Flexibility Strengthens Your Intuition

Being open to new ideas and concepts for many of us can be challenging. Our minds are so cluttered with our experiences from the past that it becomes difficult to pay attention and let alone act on our intuition. Unfortunately, the more we remain stuck in the old issues that are bothering us, the less likely we are to be aware whenever an intuitive awareness presents that we need to pay attention to and act on.

It might surprise you to know that the more mentally, emotionally, and physically flexible we are it is easier to for us to be more aware of our inner wisdom. Author Bob Cooley in his book The Genius of Flexibility: The Smart Way to Stretch and Strengthen Your Body, details how our ability to stretch our bodies actually helps us to receive what the author describes as spiritual upgrades to our emotional, mental and physical bodies.

Cooley’s book explains that stretching teaches you that your body and your life reflect each other.  The author states by stretching you will find yourself making better choices, showing greater integrity and enjoying the things that are good for you.

This isn’t surprising since scientists tell us that our feelings play a big part on our being able to fully recognize and take action on what our intuition is directing us to do. The more we hold onto the past, the less likely we are to recognize when our inner awareness is sending us a signal on something we need to know.

Your life affects your energy. Your clarity affects your mindset and more importantly alerting you to areas of concern, long before our rational mind kicks in. Developing the unshakable ability to know what is right in your life is not like instant coffee, it happens through times when we stretch ourselves and follow our intuition even when rational thinking may tell us a different path to take.

Just as when we do physical stretches to align our bodies, we also must increase the flexibility of our spiritual awareness by turning and trusting our intuition to help us guide and direct us to live the highest version of our lives.

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