Boost Your Job Search By Making Your Cells Smarter

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Boost Your Job Search By Making Your Cells Smarter

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It should not be surprising to learn that our body’s cells are very smart.  In today’s challenging job market, you need to know how to make your smart cells even smarter.  Our cells are imbedded with intent and purpose and when we align that energy it will expand our intuition to help us make better choices with greater confidence and clarity.  We are multi-cellular organisms and are capable of enpowering our cells to create the changes we need in our lives.  Here are three easy steps to create cellular changes to move your life forward:

1. Seek only environments that support your growth and development. The energy we expend in our communities…with our friends, families and associates will either weaken or strengthen us.  The more aware we are of our energy drainers, this will allow us  to make an imperative decision on whether to expand our time with them or limit it.  Analyze the people that surround you and determine what cellular patterns they are creating in your thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

2. Focus your energy on what you want to create twice a day. Take the time to write it out on paper.  One friend who I directed on this process is now interviewing for positions that are directly aligned with what she wants to create, after more then a year struggling being unemployed.  She was initially reluctant about being focused at this level, but it became critical to teach her this process because the community we surround ourselves must align our own cellular energy for growth.

3. Create cellular memories that reflect what you want. One of the coolest way to activate your cells is by doing the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) while you are focusing on what you want to create.  Organizing yourself to allow 15-20 minutes each morning and evening to work at this level will have immediate results.  If you’re not familiar with EFT go to

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