Corporate Consulting


Sheree’s corporate consulting practice includes a wide array of clients: C-level executives, doctors, teachers, and entrepreneurs. She provides corporate workshops that guide employees through the process of using their instincts, imagination and intuition more effectively to navigate today’s challenging workplace.

Corporate Workshops

Each workshop and engagement is specifically customized to the unique needs of Sheree’s clients. This customization includes both content and length. Key foundations of these inspiring workshops include the following three platforms:

Visioning – Professional and Personal Transformation:

  • Guiding team members on using their imagination and visioning to create the highest and best plan for success
  • Unlocking the forgotten creative abilities laying the foundation for future creative breakthroughs
  • Establishing a unique team building experience (from the inside out), through shared energy resulting in ownership and buy-in

Dream Bigger Dreams – Achieving Greater Breakthroughs:

  • Teaching leaders how to align the corporate values with each team member
  • Conducting detailed interviews with the key decision makers
  • Developing an action plan with measurable results

Overcoming Fear – Maximizing Success:

  • Understanding the physical, mental and emotional impact of fear
  • Learning how to transition from fear to courage
  • Sharing proven tools and techniques empowering team members


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