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“Sheree has the unique ability to show people of diverse backgrounds and interests how to unite and focus their energy toward a common cause. She excels in teaching groups composed of high powered and accomplished individuals how to bond together for the common good that initially brought them Together. One of her greatest skills is working with organizations that have lost their way and are in need of a renewed focus and direction without losing the momentum they’ve built over many years of accomplishment. Her strategies are cutting edge, designed for achievement in a high tech world and yet are also grounded in people and their interaction with one another on a very personal level. She has developed strategies that will endure and be referenced by others for a very long time. I cannot say enough about Sheree and the skills she brings to the table. Her skills and talents are exceptional.”

Joan Clifford, Vice President – Board of Trustees

Women’s Board Theatre – Goodman Theatre


“I attended the Chicago United Visioning Session with Sheree and it was fantastic! Everyone in the room was engaged at a high energy level. Seeing the results is what made me hire Sheree to do the same thing with the Margaret Gardner Opera Steering Committee I was co-chairing. The people on our committee were from all walks of life. We owe the success of the Opera and the Sponsorship Night to the tremendous ideas that flowed when our group visioned with Sheree!”

Sandra Rand, Retired Director – Supplier Diversity

United Airlines


“My business is at a critical growth stage. We have an excellent product, great customer service and still we need to do more! Sheree Franklin presented twice to my entire staff. Afterwards, everyone knew that our growth is connected to each one of us. The immediate result I noticed is that my employees became more committed and willing to do what is necessary to increase our sales by 15%! Hiring Sheree Franklin is a great business decision.”

Jackie Dyess, President

Inter-City Supply Company


“Sheree is an extremely knowledgeable, passionate, and provocative professional coach. I have had the pleasure of experiencing her “Visioning Session,” twice and each time found it to be a revelation in different respects. Because she is a professional herself, she has an instinctive ability to reach and connect with professional people. I can’t recommend her and her services highly enough.”

Dave Thomas, Executive Director

Chicago Minority Business Opportunity Center


“Sheree was terrific, working with the board of directors of Deeply Rooted Productions through a visioning session. She transforms a group of individuals into a cohesive group producing breakthrough ideas that surpass expectations. Her visioning process taps into the intuition, dreams, and desires of the participants. This process helps the group break through limited thinking and fears and allows them to create bigger, bolder ideas. And she knows the science behind it – its not mumbo-jumbo. Sheree’s the real deal.”

Maggy Fouche, President

Deeply Rooted Productions


“ Sheree Franklin immediately connected with our team as though she came from within, yet inspired and motivated us as only an external authority can. What a gift! Not only has our new economy brought a new set of challenges for a service business such as ours, it has also brought with it new marketing realms that must be understood and utilized in order to compete effectively. Collectively these are known simply as social marketing, Sheree’s message was one of “get with it”, but she didn’t simply deliver this message; she empowered my team with the how-to-do-it tools of change. Within an hour she had the team brilliantly in charge of their destiny. With Sheree’s insight we were better prepared to manage through the muck of the last couple years’ grim economic downturn. By implementing her “get with it” drive mode we have come out on top. We continue to utilize every avenue we can to look at our company and ourselves in our new world and it works.”

Maxine Kroll, Owner

Maxine’s Salon


“I watched Sheree do a five-minute exercise with a group of right-brain thinkers which resulted in a flow of ideas which produced solid results.”

Gloria Castillo, President

Chicago United

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