De-Clutter Your Mind to Hear Your Inner Voice

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De-Clutter Your Mind to Hear Your Inner Voice

Our minds are packed with a million things to do each day making it next to impossible to be quiet and allow ourselves to listen to our intuition.

Every time we turn to our computers, tablets and smartphones, we are bombarded with internet ads, bells and whistles to distract us.  Even when I work from home (like now) and try to stay focused my mind suddenly remembers that the laundry needs to be done or better yet my stomach is just starting to growl due to hunger.

The best way for me to create quiet time for myself is by getting up a little earlier and making myself a cup of tea.  After pouring it, I set the timer on my microwave for 20 minutes and allow myself to sit down and really listen to what is going on inside of me.  Listening and worrying are two different things.  With listening we allow ourselves to get past the mindless chatter until we reach a point where nothing is going on inside of our mind.  Once I enter the space of complete quiet I ask myself questions:  Am I happy?  What can I do today to grow?  Is my body healthy?  (it takes only a few minutes to check in with all my cells, systems and organs to determine if there are any changes).  And I also take the time to create a beautiful bubble of light in my mind’s eye to act as an invisible energy field to protect me throughout the day.

If I am really desperate for time to focus inwardly one of the best place for me to go is into the bathroom. Thinking back to when I did this just yesterday makes me smile! Once I got quiet my intuition guided me to get on the scale.  This gentle nudge helped me to realize the effects of the the last couple of parties and social events…a weight gain!  Coming to that awareness made me set the intention to walk yesterday instead of taking the bus everywhere.

The insight I realized yesterday was minor in the scheme of things,  but there are many times when I go into silence and check in with my body that I feel the pain in my heart over my Mom’s passing 6 years ago.  When I feel the hurt in my heart this gives me the impetus  to express love for her and to pray for all the family members who have passed.  Paying attention to what we feel on the inside is what keeps us connected to our inner awareness.

Remember our lives are constantly unfolding.  Taking a few minutes to stay tuned in is the best way to prepare for whatever changes life takes us through..  The information we need to help guide and direct our lives each day is always there IF we choose to listen.

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