Death of Chicago Teen Inspires Love

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Death of Chicago Teen Inspires Love

We are connected to each other through life.  Quantum physics suggests that the visible and invisible boundaries of our physical world play a significant role in the outcomes of our destiny.  The recent death of a Chicago teen in a biking trip has connected with the cosmic thread interwoven into the stream of collective consciousness that mixes love with pain.

Faith Dremmer, 17 was tragically struck down while on a bike trip with two friends on a rural road in southern Illinois.  The two other girls, Kaia Tammen and Julia Baird were seriously injured and remain hospitalized.

The story of Faith’s life has unfolded into a lesson which many people will find themselves reconnecting with…and that is to love deeply when we are inspired to do so.

Her mother, Michelle Dremmer fell in love with Faith through a photo, even before traveling all the way to China to adopt her.    The picture, was provided by another woman who had just returned from adopting her own daughter in China.  The woman told Michelle, “of being concerned about the little 2-year-old girl left behind in the orphanage.”

Faith’s life as a soon-to-be graduating senior at University of Chicago Laboratory School, her love for her violin, an enthusiastic biker, coupled with countless friendships and a special closeness with her mother, opens our lives to the fragile balance that we experience everyday.  The lavish love that Michelle draped around her daughter provided for the spectacular backdrop to a young life that ended way too early.

The service at Temple Sholom of Chicago provided the canvas for mixing crisis as well as joy to the individuals, families and communities of people who gathered to honor Faith Dremmer.  Michelle Dremmer’s intuitive insight to adopt Faith as a toddler allowed this sacred path to unfold for not only herself, but the world to see and admire, and gain insight.


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