Does Intuition Limit or Expand Our Ability to Find Love?

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Does Intuition Limit or Expand Our Ability to Find Love?

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It’s been commonly thought that unless we love ourselves we can’t build a relationship with someone else.  Cutting edge research shows that our best indicator of finding love is based more on the environment we were raised, starting as early as in the womb!  People turn to the help and wisdom of their intuition many times in finding a mate.  Do we have the capacity to rewrite our story and decide against all the odds to choose a different destiny?

A 40-something-year-old female client piqued my interest in this area after she uncovered a secret about her genes.  Her mother’s revealed an affair which resulted in her having a different biological father then her other siblings.   Her sister and brother had been able to create successful love relationships, while my client struggled.

She was later able to meet the man who acted as one the genetic engineers in her life. The man’s physical appearance, taste in clothes and even his inability to commit, were the same characteristics that my client subconsciously sought in her relationship model.  After stepping out of her comfort zone, and choosing to date a man who didn’t match her father’s image, my client unknowingly sabotaged the relationship.  After a painful breakup, this brave woman is willing to pull back the curtain in the theater of life and examine things at a whole different level to re-write her life story.

In the book, Spontaneous Evolution:  Our Positive Future Now, Bruce Lipton, a pioneering biologist, partnered with comedian Steve Bhaerman, to present stunning information on the details and insights that shape our destiny.  files In order to climb the evolutionary ladder in our lives, each of must us pay attention to the moral road maps that have played a part in our journey.  Even if we consider ourselves to be a part of an enlightened community. we are often our own worse enemy.

It takes a shift in perspective and our ability to take action to ease the internal ache that many of us face in finding love.

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