Dynamic Duo Uses Intuition To Help Save Kidnap Victim

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Dynamic Duo Uses Intuition To Help Save Kidnap Victim

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A female version of Batman and Robin played a big role in the rescue of kidnap victim Jaycee Lee Dugard and her two daughters. This 18-year-old kidnap case had police baffled, until two officers working for the University of Berkeley California Police Department connected with their intuition, instincts and bravery to turn this this into a story of great hope.

Officers Allison (Ally) Jacobs and Lisa Campbell encountered Phillip Garrido and his two daughters on August 24th when they came to the University to get approval for a crusade he had planned.

Upon meeting Garrido, the accused kidnaper, and his girls the officers said, “they knew something didn’t seem right.”

The two are trained professionals and managed their intuitive insight with a keen awareness that we can all learn lessons from. The steps they took, are the same ones each of us are capable of doing when a significant hunch enters our mind.  Here are the three steps the officers took to make decisions with confident and greater clarity:

1. Ask questions. The two female officers began to ask the girls leading questions.  Officer Jacobs said the 11- year old girl was staring at her with pale, bright blue eyes. Though they didn’t look malnourished she remarked on the younger girl’s look in her eyes. “It was like she was looking into my soul,” Officer Jacobs said.  Paying attention to how you think and feel about the person you are talking to is critical in being able to take action which could lead to a significant life change.  The officers scheduled a second meeting with Garrido the very next day.

2.  Observe body language.  The more frequently we use our intuition the more details we will take in.  Clearly there are moments when are thoughts, beliefs and emotions meet with our intuition – the key is to be present within your presence, so you can notice when our brain and intuition interconnect.  Everyone of us will have the possibly of at least one moment in our life, when our inner awareness could have a significant impact.

3. Take action quickly. Officer Jacobs had no basis in which she could make an arrest but when Phillip Garrido left, she made a phone call to his parole officer. In the telephone conversation with the parole officer, she found out that Garrido had no children.  Oftentimes, an intuitive insight is one that we must consciously choose to act upon no matter how busy we find ourselves.  The key is being able to slow down and pay attention when it happens.  If the two officers had been “too busy” to notice Garrido he could have easily continued to elude arrest as he did for 18 years.

When we use out intuition and trust it, we have the ability to make momentous decisions and take definitive actions that are capable of life changing consequences.

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