Emotion of Fear Blocks Intuition

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Emotion of Fear Blocks Intuition

Fear is the number one reason why our intuition becomes blocked. We live in a predominately left brain world which makes turning to your inner knowing scary. When we get fearful our ability to listen to our inner voice can prevent you from knowing the best option, choice or decision to make. In order to be in the right frame of mind to flow through fearful moments here are three crucial steps to take:

1. Breathe deeply. The first thing that happens when we get nervous or panicky is we start to breathe quickly. It is very easy to get hyperventilated. Becoming aware of your breathe is a big way to connect with your intuition. Research indicates as little as two to three minutes or conscious breathing has a very calming effect.

2. Write down each and every idea that comes to you. As soon as we tell another person what we want to do nine times out of ten that will tell you all the reasons why it cannot be done. We stimulate our minds when we allow our thoughts to flow without judgment. Allowing your imagination to flow is a great way to consider what you would do if money were no option or if you are able to move past your own self imposed barrier…fear!

3. Call your own shots. People who are able to dream about various options for their life are better able to produce creative options when life throw them a curve ball. By allowing yourself to run through various options you are able to become comfortable with what feels right or wrong for you.

When we are fearful we are often afraid of the unknown. People are complex in many ways. When you need to get to the bottom of something it is important that you take quiet time with yourself. By opening up to your intuition it expands and accelerates the infinite possibilities to you in life.

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