Expanding Your Intuition is the Classroom of Life

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Expanding Your Intuition is the Classroom of Life

Life is much more then our physical body; it is a free-flowing energy; continuous emotions and if we desire a conscious connection to our spirit; which far exceeds our physical experience. Living in the body is an important classroom. By expanding your intuition you are opening a book which is creating infinite possibilities that never end. The four keys for understanding this book are as follows:

1. Decide to be happy now. Regardless of your challenges or circumstances each of us has the ability to choose happiness. There are people who face tremendous challenges who are happy and those who have great blessings that are not. When we support our body with the emotion of happiness it allows us to be aware when something is out-of-balance. People who go to the doctor when they notice something amiss even before test results bear them out, are the ones who are most likely to prevail over any health challenge. Those who dare to talk about relationships going astray before they fall apart are also the ones who are most likely to put things right. It is a lot easier to smile then to frown.

2. Choose to perceive things differently. Everyone has things that get under our skin. In the book, A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson states, “People have focused more on the crucifixion more than resurrection. But crucifixion without the resurrection is a meaningless symbol. Crucifixion is the energy pattern of fear, the manifestation of a closed heart. Resurrection is the reversal of that pattern, bought about by a shift in thought from fear to love.” How many times do we see ourselves as being the victim when we experience what we believe to be an injustice? Staying in this energy range blocks us from being open to hearing the truth about a situation or maybe even knowing that what has happened has been a transformational change that we need.

3. Believe that life clings only to good. Trusting your spiritual radar takes practice. Sometimes we turn our internal GPS off by either choosing not to feel, living in anger, or being so busy that we do not allow ourselves to listen. Take time each day to allow yourself to experience silence. Even a few minutes can make a vital difference.

4. Participate in hopeful projects. It’s easy to give a dollar or so to a homeless person, but it is when we consciously choose to provide sustaining gifts to hopeful organizations such as the Peace Corps, that we are fully participating in our society. Rather then constantly complaining we have become a part of the solution. People who operate at this level tend to feel hopeful even when major disasters occur.

One project I’ve started to express hope for my city is entitled, “Bring Peace to Chicago.” This is a group meditation created to stop the violent crime. This meditation will take place from June 7th thru July 30th. To find out more information go to www.chicagonow.com/blogs/bringing-peace-to-chicago/

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