Flexibility Strengthens Your Intuition

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Flexibility Strengthens Your Intuition

Being open to new ideas and concepts for many of us can be challenging. Our minds are so cluttered with our experiences from the past that it becomes difficult to pay attention and let alone act on our intuition. Unfortunately, the more we remain stuck in the old issues that are bothering us, the less likely we are to be aware whenever an intuitive awareness presents that we need to pay attention to and act on.

It might surprise you to know that the more mentally, emotionally, and physically flexible we are it is easier to for us to be more aware of our inner wisdom. Author Bob Cooley in his book The Genius of Flexibility: The Smart Way to Stretch and Strengthen Your Body, details how our ability to stretch our bodies actually helps us to receive what the author describes as spiritual upgrades to our emotional, mental and physical bodies.

Cooley’s book explains that stretching teaches you that your body and your life reflect each other.  The author states by stretching you will find yourself making better choices, showing greater integrity and enjoying the things that are good for you.

This isn’t surprising since scientists tell us that our feelings play a big part on our being able to fully recognize and take action on what our intuition is directing us to do. The more we hold onto the past, the less likely we are to recognize when our inner awareness is sending us a signal on something we need to know.

Your life affects your energy. Your clarity affects your mindset and more importantly alerting you to areas of concern, long before our rational mind kicks in. Developing the unshakable ability to know what is right in your life is not like instant coffee, it happens through times when we stretch ourselves and follow our intuition even when rational thinking may tell us a different path to take.

Just as when we do physical stretches to align our bodies, we also must increase the flexibility of our spiritual awareness by turning and trusting our intuition to help us guide and direct us to live the highest version of our lives.

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