Have You Forgotten to Pay One of Your Bills?

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Have You Forgotten to Pay One of Your Bills?

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Everywhere we turn someone is talking about debt. There are all kinds of bills we need to concern ourselves with in order to ensure the quality of our lives.

Of course, you must focus on paying your mortgage or rent first to ensure having a roof over your head. And during the winter months, especially, all of us are concerned with keeping warm.

Then there are the creature comfort bills that we find impossible to live without, such as getting our hair done, or our cell phone and cable bills.

But, there is another kind of debt that most of us don’t think about, but it is accruing a much higher interest rate in our lives. That is the emotional debt that many of us are carrying around from our past hurts, resentments and anger. This very subtle debt, which won’t appear on your financial statement, but clearing it up will make a difference in helping you reach your true potential.

When a client comes to see me and starts talking about all the bills they have to pay, my mind immediately clicks into the awareness that they haven’t told me there is “more to the story.”

To me, financial debts in life are easier to pay because they have a beginning and an end. It is the emotional debts that we don’t know when they will occur or how long it will take us to internally clear up whatever we are facing.

Developing a daily and consistent spiritual practice is the best way to prepare yourself to pay for whatever challenges occur in your life. Even a small commitment– such as 10 minutes a day–can make a big difference in your having the internal resources to cover whatever comes up in life.

By taking the time to create your own custom meditation you will allow yourself to identify whatever problem areas have been stored in your heart and soul. Whatever spiritual practice you choose, be consistent. We train our brains when we do the same thing at the same time each day.

The reason why meditation is a vital part of any effective plan to heal emotional pain is that it allows you to exist in a cosmic consciousness with God. You can present any and all of your needs and be assured that the call you are placing won’t be dropped and it will have clear reception.

Seeking alternative treatment is also a very effective way to remove emotional pain from the body. Acupuncture has found to be a way to treat depression. And you can it make more budget friendly by seeking treatment at a school. Most people associate acupuncture in dealing with physical pain but in the privacy of your treatment course you can tell your practitioner what deep hurts need to be cleaned out and they can needle the appropriate spots to speed up the process.

That’s the real secret in life: to heal your emotional debt in less time and with less stress so we can go out and live the life we want.

I’ve created a free meditation video just for you. Go to http://www.ShereeFranklin.com and click video to listen and expand your consciousness.

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