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“Sheree Franklin’s Life Coaching is truly a transformational experience. Working with her provided me with the wisdom, insight and clarity to make big changes in my life! My time with Sheree has given me an understanding of what it means to live peacefully and with greater prosperity and hope. I am creating a life of expanded prosperity as a result! What happens on the inside does affect what happens to you on the outside. She helps to connect the dots and you leave feeling refreshed and energized to pursue the highest version of your life.”

Rhonda Shane, Luxury Home Specialist


“ Sheree is a highly gifted coach who quickly helped me turn my limiting beliefs around. She gave me personalized exercises which continued my growth after our sessions. Sheree is remarkably effective at motivating and assisting in best ways to present my business. I will continue to use Sheree.”

Tory Altree, MD



“Sheree’s intuitive insights are invaluable to my business planning and success. As an entrepreneur, I look to her as I am making key business decisions and changes. Her guidance has always been right on and has given me the direction and confidence to more quickly reach my goals.”

Ellen Rogin, President

 Strategic Financial Designs Inc.


“Sheree Franklin-Hill has been instrumental in assisting me in developing successful strategies for business growth. She has the foresight to help you see the bigger picture by training you to listen and trust your gut instincts. I have seen her work with others and how they have accomplished their goals in both their professional and personal lives. As a conference speaker, she is phenomenal in engaging a crowd to provide interactive instruction in understanding yourself to overcome the obstacles in your life. I highly recommend her!”

Tanya Hinton, Founder/CEO

Diversified Search Services Global

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