Intuition Helps Determine What Business to Start

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Intuition Helps Determine What Business to Start

Record unemployment has forced many people to pursue new careers. Many are deciding to sprout their entrepreneurial roots in this challenging economy.  Determining what kind of business to start is a matter of connecting with your skills, talents, wealth of experience, knowledge and intuition.

Start by making a list of all the jobs you’ve held in the past.  Identify the tasks or duties that you liked best about each position.  It’s difficult to put a value on fulfilling your highest aspirations, but begin by determining what bought you joy in your work.  Don’t concentrate on what will look to others, once you take your ego out of the equation the risk is less challenging.  Include even volunteer service jobs you’ve participated in or things your parents made you do.

Recall any dreams you’ve had that fascinate or hold your attention. These can be very revealing and can provide you with the clarity in knowing what path to follow.  When you become clear on what your ideal business looks like, determine what kinds of people you want to be around and identify the work that fulfills you.

As more jobs disappear the work that remains will demand a deeper understanding of what emotionally connects with people’s needs  Even in tough economic times people spend money keeping their pets healthy, enrichment for their kids and looking good. Listen to what is inside of you. Our intuition speaks through our yearnings, fears, questions and deep passions. Logical and analytical abilities can no longer guarantee success.  Those who succeed will be the ones who can show compassion and empathy to their clients and meet their needs with outstanding service.

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