Intuition Influenced by Friendships We Keep

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Intuition Influenced by Friendships We Keep

People who want to sharpen their intuitive abilities need to hang out with individuals who value this skill and are supportive. Doing so leaves each party free to explore their differences and actually increases the influence of inner knowing. Research shows that when you spend time with people who respect and believe in intuition your gut instinct gets stronger!

My advice for those who wish to develop their intuitive muscle is to allow for variety in your life. Relax your mind through meditation and allow yourself to daydream about what you want to create in your life. Limit time with inflexible or rigid people who are judgmental about your hunches. When you start to pay attention to the flow of your life without censoring, editing or sorting out experiences according to what we think they ought to be or what we are told is acceptable, it allows us the freedom to explore our inner feelings.

Developing your intuition is innate and natural and often inspired by the people we connect with in our daily lives. Allowing yourself to freely express your interest and the positive feedback you receive are two of the most critical factors in expanding your senses.

When you connect with people who are judgmental about your intuition this often packs an emotional wallop which stops you from sensing things around you. The emotional significance of being with people who support your need to explore the spiritual side of life allows for an expansive view of things in life.

Living intuitively allows for you to:
1. Expand your other senses.
2. Operate from the sense of seeing everything as “living in perfection.”
3. Set aside ego-based desires and preferences and let life flow and unfold on its own.

By living intuitively you will probably discover that the universe will meet you more than halfway. Sharpening this skill may lead to a more joyful, prosperous and healthy life.

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