Intuition Kicks in 7 Seconds

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Intuition Kicks in 7 Seconds

Scientists tell us that our intuition operates at rocket speed and helps us to make choices on everything from career choices, trustworthiness, intelligence and even sex appeal in less than 10 seconds.  That’s an amazingly short time period, especially if most of the choices and decisions we’re facing happen in the early morning hours, when our brains have just started to warm up.

Since it takes me a while to shake the cobwebs out of my brain (usually after one or two cups of green tea), I seriously question the accuracy of this information.  My question is: how we can speed up our brain alertness to best handle situations that call for our intuition to be the sharpest?

Here are three ideas to help get your brain cells in tip top shape at the beginning of each day:

The first may (or may not) surprise you, and is only advisable if you have someone trustworthy to get up close and personal with: have really great morning sex! Have you ever noticed that when we completely relax and enjoy ourselves through sexual stimulation that it has a two-fold effect? One, our bodies feel better and two, we are often smiling a lot more.

If a morning tryst is not an option for you, consider turning on your favorite music and dancing around in your pj’s a few minutes each morning.

Finally, start  the day feeling the emotion of hope very deeply and believing that every day above ground is a good one.

Here’s a link to an article with more information and tips about intuition effectiveness in the morning:




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