Intuiton: Use It To Heal Your Heart During Emotional Stress

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Intuiton: Use It To Heal Your Heart During Emotional Stress

The heart is the most important organ in the body.  What we feel deeply in our hearts resonates to all our cells, systems and organs.  When you use your intuition to communicate with your heart it will help you speed up the healing process during times of emotional stress.230px-Heart-and-lungs We’ve all been there.. when something has hurt us so deeply we feel it in our heart.  Maybe, you’ve noticed this emotion recently when viewing the vivid and deeply painful scenes of the earthquake which has devastated Haiti, or the most common experience is when we go through the pain and heartache of a severe emotional wound.

Researchers at John Hopkins in 2005 diagnosed “broken heart syndrome,” as a reversible heart failure that is not a classic heart attack.  High emotional stress was found to be the primary culprit of the symptoms that were produced.  The symptoms include:  heart pain, shortness of breath, and fluid in the lungs.  Middle-aged women are found to the largest segment of the population who suffer from broken heart syndrome.

Recently, a new client came in suffering from a classic case.  This healthy, middle-aged woman practiced yoga and led a healthy lifestyle.  Despite this, it didn’t prevent the severe pain that occurred when a relationship ended.

My client couldn’t sleep at night because of the pounding in her heart.  This can be quite frightening and indeed painful.  In many cases, I’ve also seen people who cannot eat or are nauseated to the point of throwing up.  Once you have ruled out that this is not a heart attack, the treatment course calls for the client to be intricately involved in their healing process.

Communicating directly with your heart it times of stress is one of the most effective ways to heal.  Becoming aware of your heart pain is the first step to working with your body.  Telling your heart that you are listening and believe that the pain you are experiencing is a wake up call concerning whatever challenge or issue you are currently facing.

Placing your hands directly on your heart is a highly effective way to connect with this vital organ.  Breathe deeply and slowly while you are focused on your heart.

Many times, people are ashamed to admit their deep pain, so turning to a professional will allow for support in your process without judgment.  One client who was going through a very painful breakup was told by her mother to “think of her boyfriend as being dead.”  This woman ended up in the emergency room later that same night gasping for breath.

No one can tell you exactly when experiencing broken heart syndrome will be over.  The process you are involved in is a part of something bigger.  It is your intuition alerting you to the need to heal your heart.

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