Job Search Hint…Use Your Intuition!

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Job Search Hint…Use Your Intuition!

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Turning to your intuition for guidance in your job search is one of the best ways successfully navigate in today’s challenging work environment. Here are five key steps to connect with your inner knowing that will help you in this vital process.

1. Meditate regularly – Research shows that regular meditators are more likely to alter habits or even moods. Focusing on what you want is a way to uplift your spirit to approach a difficult period as a blessing. Even short periods of quiet reflection make a difference. Research shows that as little as 10 minutes of quieting your mind will have a powerful impact on your attitude and thoughts.

2. Open up your heart energy – Before your interview (phone or live) ask yourself what does your body says about the vibes you want to send out. Look at your posture, even if you are doing a phone interview, dress up. Take note of the both the positive and negative things your intuition picks up. Make a checklist of what your inner knowing tells you. Once you become aware of your body’s signals it will become easier to make choices which are aligned with what you want. When you go through the checklist pay attention to all your feelings. Subconsciously we often connect with our past experiences and then unknowingly attract in the same circumstances! Repeating the same lessons will only delay your progress. Determine if there is unfinished business that you need to address.

3. Take time for a pep talk! Everything is about sales…and selling yourself to yourself is critical. Pay attention to your self talk. If you don’t believe in you, who will? Know yourself and become aware of what raises your energy level. If it is reading something uplifting make time for that everyday. For many people listening to motivating songs is a way to help raise their consciousness. My theme song in one difficult period of my life was Gloria Estefan’s “Coming Out of the Darkness.”

4. Connect with your interviewer. I’m not saying be phony, but find a way to notice something that matters about this person that stands out. Use this approach in every meeting that you have with people, you never know who will open the door of opportunity for you. Creating a positive attitude goes a long way to affect others. The energy of communication happens in our subtle energy. It travels from heart to heart and is subconsciously impacted on the person’s mind.

5. Do soulful giving. One of the best ways I’ve found to shift out of a difficult period is to get busy giving. Three years ago, when I faced the tremendous loss of my Mother’s death, while trying to build my practice, I gave God a list of everything I needed. Later that day while driving by a neighborhood church my intuition came back with the question, “You told me what you need, but what are you willing to give?” I parked my car and went into the church and signed up to join a team to be a volunteer to help feed the homeless. It took a few weeks, but slowly but surely things started to improve on all levels. Not only did giving allow for my heart to heal but the energy shifted and clients started to come in on a regular basis.

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