Job Seekers Must Strengthen Their Intuitive Muscle

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Job Seekers Must Strengthen Their Intuitive Muscle

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Many job seekers find themselves repeating the same experiences and don’t know how to transform, trust or identify the best way to find work. Regardless of the position the person is looking for, unless they strengthen their intuitive muscle they tend to attract the same cycles again and again.

Identifying a person’s cycle is critical in my work as an Intuitive Counselor and Coach. The first thing I do when working with an individual is to ask, “Where is this person in the stage of their life? The three cycles we all face are:

1. Achievement – this is the cycle we all want to be in, but it is the hardest energy level to maintain. To be in achievement we must do unique and innovative things. An example of a person clearly in the achievement cycle is Don Thompson, President and Chief Operating Officer of McDonald’s USA. He has the tremendous responsibility for setting the strategic tone for 32,000 McDonald’s restaurants in 117 countries. Despite a very heavy workload and travel schedule, when Thompson is home he is there 100% for his wife and children. Also, he has a philanthropic spirit which keeps the achievement cycle continuing.

2. Plateau – this is the stage where we stop taking risks. We get comfortable and don’t feel the need to change. Most of us stay in relationships, jobs even apartments or houses longer then we should. One obvious example of an industry that has been stuck in the plateau cycle has been the American automotive industry. Recently, we’ve seen signs that Ford has made tremendous efforts to focus on quality. One of the most powerful ways to shift into achievement is to analyze the past, identify what you’ve done wrong, and to actively work to change.

3. Upheaval – many of us will do anything to avoid going through upheaval. Being in this cycle actually is one that can lead to our greatest growth and development, because how you act when you are in upheaval determines how long before you are in achievement again. A female client who stayed in an unhappy marriage for close to 20 years made the decision to file for divorce two years ago. As she feared, the legal battle has been a difficult one. In addition, nine months ago she was also downsized from a 6-figure position. Despite the pain and anguish, this 50-something year-old Baby Boomer has started to regain her footing and has learned some critical life lessons. First of all, she has broken the cycle of attracting a “bad boy,” and is now dating a man who values and appreciates her. In addition, the picture for success does not include the Fortune 500 companies she would have typically sought for her next position. Instead, she is looking for work with an organization that reflects her desire to give service.

Those who express a willingness to recognize and explore the inherent patterns in their life will open the doorway to change in less time with less stress. Each of us has ample talents and abilities to live the highest version of our life plan. When we gain a deeper understanding of our cycles it will help guide us to creating what we want in our lives.

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