Job Seekers Must Use Intuition to Heal Fear

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Job Seekers Must Use Intuition to Heal Fear

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It’s hard to make sense of things when you are looking for a job. Everywhere we turn the news media, movies and conversations with friends are focused on how many people are looking for work. Sometimes when we least expect it our worse fears throw us into an emotional, mental, spiritual and even physical tailspin.

Gregg Braden in the book, Secrets of the Last Mode of Prayer calls this period “a Dark Night of the Soul.” This is a time in your life when you’ll be drawn into a situation that represents what, for you, are your worse fears. When you are in this stage problems will present on all levels, with business, family and friends. According to Braden each of us will experience the Dark Night of the Soul throughout our lifetime. The first is usually the worse. One female client who has recently lost her job, and is going through a divorce, has faced this twice in the last few months.

Being aware of your emotions is the best way not to let fear control you. Each of us has at our disposal a unique weapon…our sensory arsenal, to alert and warn you when things are going haywire inside. Your internal signals are your intuition. Awareness is power. Here are the steps my client took to shift out of this emotional tailspin:

1. Try to identify what caused the fear eruption. In my client’s case it was an upcoming phone interview that she painstakingly worked to manifest.

2. Take action. One of the best ways I’ve found to energetically shift is to say The Lord’s Prayer out loud 10 times. In addition, to do mindful breathing and repeat a mantra such as “Peace be still.” If you find yourself unable to shift on your own turn to a trusted friend or counselor who will not judge you.

The blessing that occurs for many people, when they heal their fears is that you will be intuitively guided to the best step to follow. In my client’s case she felt a need to physically dress-up for the telephone interview in complete business attire. This action gave her the subtle shift to handle the call with an added layer of confidence and clarity, and she moved into the next stage in the interview process.

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