Light Expands Intuition

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Light Expands Intuition

Each of us must examine, explore and redefine the boundaries we have imposed on our lives. Consciously choosing to evolve yourself and having your wits about you to ask for information is the best way to transform and transmit change. We live in a free-will universe and the free-will zone exists in your inner wisdom. Here are three ways to embrace your talents and abilities:

1. Bring light into the body. Light is information. Each of us must work to radically change our views and breakdown self-imposed boundaries. You must be able to understand both your identity and your ability to alter your identify to create anything you desire. Have you taken time to examine who you were a year ago? Whatever situation you are living in today your thoughts have played a role in your life journey.

2. Reach out with your feeling center. The confusion spreading around is felt on all levels. When you allow yourself to be drained by feelings of fear and uncertainty it literally feels like things are crumbling. To create a new consciousness you must use what you have inside of you all the time.

3. Discover what you are in your physical body. Who’s going to bail you out when things get rough? The bottom line is that you are your own rescue team. There is incredible assistance from all kinds of realms; however it depends on your ability to access and change your energy and frequency. The way to change your frequency is by determination, willpower and commitment.

Each of us is sending our telepathic broadcast out. We need to examine the boundaries we have set. The limitations that you set, and freely advertise announce to others what we believe about ourselves. Spiritual upliftment occurs with conscious direction of our awareness and energy. By choosing to remember our natural birthright to use our intuition and to be consistently aware of what is going on in and around us, then we will become powerful. Greater possibilities will be everyday occurrences for those who consciously choose to evolve themselves. Each of us is capable to defying the laws of humanity by continuously reminding ourselves we are pulling light into our body. Nothing is stronger then a person who is committed to the energy of light. Choosing to live with in a higher frequency will make a marked difference in your life. Live your light.

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