Oprah Sparkles After Cruising With Russell Crowe!

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Oprah Sparkles After Cruising With Russell Crowe!

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Spending two hours cruising around the Sydney Harbour with Russell Crowe definitely put Oprah in a good mood! The talk show host told fans it was Crowe’s idea that the tour took to the Harbour.

The spectacular sight of 21 vessels crewed by her ultimate fans carrying the Oprah Final Season logo was as the star described, “an amazing moment!” The Harbour for me was one of the most significant moments to behold on this dream adventure. Oprah’s signature pink “O” on the bridge made me smile with pride.

Leaving the water Oprah continued to transform each moment into a more special occasion for her 300 Ultimate Fans. With a glass of champagne in her hand, the talk show queen proceeded to toast the beautiful country of Australia.

With security at close hand, the fans jockeyed for position to take the ultimate photo for their scrapbooks! The Queen of Talk spoke in the spontaneous, heartfelt style which has become the trademark for a 25-year experience as one of the world’s most powerful women. While speaking Oprah walked around with mike in hand, smiling and gesturing making each one of feel like we were the only one in the room!

Oprah spoke to her Ultimate Fans during an elegant waterside brunch at Bungalow 8 at Sydney’s King Street Wharf. For some it appeared Oprah’s talk would be the final up-close and personal experience we would have with the talk show host. Little did we know that this illuminating woman would even show up to say good by to all of us at the airport!

The audience laughed when Oprah commented that the screening of each trip attendee was dedicated to “keeping this an asshole free adventure.” Carrying 300 people to various sites and locations has been an extremely pleasant experience, said Oprah.

Russell Crowe and Oprah in Sydney Harbour

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