People Are Turning More to Their Beliefs

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People Are Turning More to Their Beliefs

x24086In these challenging times, people are turning more to their beliefs as a way to navigate their life path. Mitch Albom’s book, Have A Little Faith, gives one of the most insightful and enlightening views on the differences and similarities between the beliefs of rich and poor, young and old, Jewish and Christian.

Albom receives a request from his hometown Rabbi to prepare his eulogy. He takes the reader through the sacred community of his youth and brings us up-to-date with what he faces in this momentous task. You might think talking about a person’s eulogy would be terribly morbid, but the book is more about life and how we face it with our faith.

The world acclaimed author of Tuesdays With Morrie, shows us another side of his tremendous talent and abilities by intertwining the story of his Rabbi with that of an African American minister in an inner-city church in Detroit, Michigan. The lives of these men of faith surprise the reader with the intersecting thoughts on the development of their attitudes and beliefs.

In my line of work as an Intuitive Counselor, I hear a lot about faith. Faith comes in many different shapes, colors and ages. Oftentimes, in this hectic world people don’t turn to their faith until things hit rock bottom in their life. There’s no security system you can purchase to help you when you need it. Our beliefs are the cornerstone of our faith and interwoven in the invisible threads of our souls.  Intuitively, we are guided on our life path to that which feels familiar.  The key is to develop and maintain a ritual and practice to have in place before you find yourself in a period of upheaval. That way, when a bump occurs you can go into automatic pilot and recall what has made you feel good before.

Mortality is an arm’s length away for each of us and knowing what we believe is crucial part of developing a plan to handle whatever life throws our way.

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