Prosper Your Life By Living More Intuitively

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Prosper Your Life By Living More Intuitively

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You benefit by living life intuitively. This will allow you to perceive and become aware of your true potential. It’s easy to increase your awareness to be able to enrich your life experience on all levels. Here are the four steps to expand your intuition:

1. Set the intention to be free of all struggle. We literally wear ourselves out and dampen our ability to connect with our intuition by believing that life is a challenge. Taking time each day to fully express joy in everything that you do, allows you to move past old limitations and open the cosmic doorway to overwhelming prosperity. Each of us has the personal responsibility and ability to uplift ourselves and commit to achieving our highest potential. Each day write out your highest and best intention and you will soon start to keep track of your dreams which have manifested.

2. Recognize that you are unique and that it is easy to operate in a greater awareness capacity then we realize. Allow yourself to take time to become still several times each day. Becoming acutely aligned to what is going on inside of you, this is one of the best ways to strengthen your intuitive muscle. Pay attention to your subtle energy and notice what events, people or things cause your energy level to shift. Know what makes you feel good and connect with that energy.

3. Believe that you have been gifted with incredible potential. Most of us never fully engage our ability to tap into potential energy. Working at this level allows you to become free of self-imposed boundaries and limitations. You will start to see yourself moving past the things that you felt were holding you back.

4. Recognize that extraordinary experiences happen to you everyday. Operate in a trust mode and learn to integrate this in every level of your life. Trust that life will awaken new opportunities for you to thrive and prosper. Recently, I set an intention to be in the audience of the Oprah’s premiere show entitled, “The Ultimate Fan.” Crafting an email that reflected the creative and positive way she has turned on the inner light for others, I received a phone call two days later from one of the producer’s. The phone call ended with the young lady telling me that, “this phone call is no guarantee that you will be the audience. That decision will be made at a later date.” Listening to the call with me was my husband of 15-years. Without hesitation, I told him of my intention to be in audience for the Oprah Ultimate Fan Show. I decided to express the highest joy about my being on the show and relaxed into my being a part of the experience. If you’d like to read more go to and read my blog entitled, “How to Be On the Oprah Show.”

Turning inward to vision your internal blueprint for success will allow you to thrive and prosper. It is imperative to base your future on stepping forward each day with clarity of what you intend to experience. Cultivating this habit will allow you to connect with the awareness that thought creates experience. You benefit by participating in life at the highest level and connecting with your intuition. When we choose to consciously move past our physical world,you are endowed with experiences and characteristics that will expand your life.

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