Recovering From A Soul Wound

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Recovering From A Soul Wound

Most of us know when something happens to our heart.  We know if our heart stops beating our life will end.  Yet, we often do not take the time to notice the deep emotional hurts that are held in our hearts until it is too late.  When we use our intuition to consciously check in with our hearts it can enpower us to transform our lives.

In my work as an Intuitive Counselor, I saw my first case of a young woman who died from a soul wound.  The first deep hurt occurred when her husband betrayed her with another woman who worked in the same profession.  My client chose to stay in the same work environment after the divorce.

Sometime later, she met another man and for about a year or so engaged in a relationship.  They traveled and he visited her home and spent time with her daughter.  The man died very suddenly and at this point she found out he was married.  She was unable to attend the funeral and grieved very deeply about this second betrayal.

Anger, and frustration radiated from every level with my client.  She stayed focused on being a “victim,” and wasn’t willing to do the work to change.  Less then a year later, this 46-year-old vibrant woman was diagnosed with colon cancer.  She underwent surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy.  Despite what the death certificate reads I know clearly in my heart that an unhealed soul wound was the root cause of the manifestation of disease.

Each of us does have the power and capacity to change ourselves and transform any situation we are facing.  When we commit ourselves to transforming we must release worries about the past and future.

Being mindful of your thoughts, feelings and emotions is like sharpening a pencil.  We must sharpen our awareness so that we can make decision to change when our soul becomes wounded.

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