Reinvent Your Life

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Reinvent Your Life

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Few people have awakened to what life really holds for them. Each of us has the ability to express from our own life center directed purpose to change our lives. Learning the technique for reinvention will allow you to set the course for whatever you want to achieve.

First, you must become aware of the possibilities that life has to offer. Start by making time for prayer and meditation on a consistent basis. Even as few as 10 minutes per day, twice daily will have an effect on your ability to quiet the chaos in your mind. Allowing time to connect with your spiritual essence will create ideas that will gestate and grow in your mind.

Connecting with your inner presence will set the foundation for asking yourself critical questions such as: What is my life purpose? What can I change now to achieve my true potential? Keep a
pen and pad handy to jot down whatever insights are revealed. Even if the information does not come through immediately, dedicated intent will make all the difference in allowing your spiritual
essence to reveal your life plan.

The Intention Experiment by Lynne McTaggert provides the revolutionary scientific data to support the power of intention and the impact it has on our lives. Set the intention that you want
to change and fully commit your will to the process.

Mind, body, connection is so strong that your conception of the changes you desire need to become visible in your mind’s eye. Create a vision board that reflects your future life. Divide it into specific categories such as: health, wealth, family and spirit. Gaze upon this board at least three times per day.

The ability to expand your mind is most effective when we work with programming the subconscious mind. Make a recording of the things that you want to manifest in your life. Affirm these things in the most positive language possible. Listen to this recording, especially at night right before you fall asleep.

Identify three specific area that you want to set your intent and focus for the next 30 days. Write them with clear and concise language and begin each line with: I Have, I Create and I Am.

Focused intention on the three specific areas will give you concrete evidence of the power of your intention.

Be true to your vision. There cannot be hesitation, worry or fear that your changes you desire will manifest. Every idea, word and thought must be true to your vision.

Concentration of will is the strongest power we have available to our ability to expand our consciousness. The will to serve turns the life flow current on to a heightened awareness of accessing inner knowing. The dedicated commitment to serve gives purpose to your vision and accelerates the universal flow in connecting to your need.

As things start to assume the true position in your life, be grateful.

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