Reinventing The Body, Resurrecting The Soul

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Reinventing The Body, Resurrecting The Soul

The future isn’t set in stone, but many of us act like it is and don’t allow ourselves to expand our inner lives in order to reach our true potential.  Deepka Chopra’s new book, Reinventing The Body, Resurrecting The Soul is like being given an inner navigation system for creating the life we desire at our soul level.ReinventingTheBody-2

We don’t often think of our souls as being powerful.  Every moment we are experiencing, the past, present and the future, inside of our soul.  We have the power to choose how we experience our world.  This book provides the blueprint for creating a subtle change in energy to be able to manifest the life we desire.  Chopka explains the powerful process of shifting subtle energy as follows:

1.  Set your intention.

2.  You believe in getting results.

3.  You don’t resist the process of change.

4.  Your body shifts effortlessly at the physical level.

5.  You repeat your subtle action action until you have mastered the change you desire.

Knowing this formula is the difference between dreaming an ideal life and achieving it.  The author says to simply ‘begin where you are and grow through the process.”

Too often we get stuck on everything from a broken heart to not being prosperous enough…we don’t know how to shift. People often waste time expecting someone or something to rescue them.  Chopra’s book is the master recipe for us to cook up a spectacular meal for our life.  I love the beauty and simplicity of his message.  This is book for those who are looking, watching and being aware of the flow of their life.

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