sheree franklin speakerFrom small-group workshops to large keynote presentations, Sheree is a passionate and sought-after speaker, facilitator and workshop leader. For over a decade, corporations and individuals have turned to her to help them tap into their intuition for personal, professional and organizational growth. As an experienced coach, speaker and successful business owner for close to 20 years, Sheree uses her wisdom, experience, warmth and humor to inspire others.

Sheree’s unique approach helps her audience discover the fears that have stalled their success, shift out of negative emotions and learn how to listen to their gut. She motivates teams and provides clarity to impact strategic direction, overcome project challenges and boost conflict resolution skills.

Speaking Topics

Sheree’s speaking topics can be customized to fit an organization’s needs and include:

Defying Gravity (Success Is Not an Accident) – Success doesn’t happen by accident, and individuals and teams who want to achieve it must be willing to expand the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual challenges that limit them. This interactive workshop explores how to put your dreams, hopes and desires at the top of your to do list. Self-exploration is how we make important discoveries that guide us to the future we want to create.

Using Your Intuition in the Workplace – Thinking intuitively helps us successfully navigate our work environment, as we face changes, competition and challenges. Life Coach Sheree Franklin guides people to discover and become aligned with their inner wisdom, to help them make better decisions in less time with less stress. In all parts of our life, we need to find out what our gut tells us in addition to analytical thinking and reasoning.

Embracing Forgiveness & Moving Forward – Forgiveness is vitally important to your wellness, success and relationships. The source of many of our conflicts and problems often involves us trying to get approval from others, both professionally and personally. Setting an intention is not enough. In this interactive workshop, Life Coach Sheree Franklin helps participants determine what is most important in their lives and guides them through committing to what they are willing to do to embrace forgiveness and move forward.

Inspiring Productivity and Positive Change – To make the right things happen, a highly effective leader needs to inspire and motivate their team to achieve success. Achieving our goals is directly related to being able to effectively interact with others. Life Coach Sheree Franklin reveals how energy and consciousness work in the business world.

Navigating Uncertainty – Life does not come with an owner’s manual and, as a result, we often face our most difficult and confusing challenges feeling drained and incompetent. Relying strictly on research or linear thinking to help face and solve a problem is like trying to quench your thirst with a glass of salt water. Sheree Franklin guides, inspires and motivates participants to navigate uncertainty in their lives by learning to openly communicate with their heart and soul.

Visioning for Professional and Personal Transformation – A group visioning session is a powerful tool that energizes a small committed team with a deep surge of creative energy by visioning the dreams and goals of their organization. Many people have forgotten how to use their imagination and working at this level will help a team gain clarity through self-reflection, which helps to build community and reinforce the commitment of the team.

The Power of Vulnerability – A journey inward starts by discovering what makes each of us feel most vulnerable. Discovering and expressing our fears, doubts and insecurities leads to meaningful dialogue to figure out what’s most important in our lives, which helps us make better life choices. Sheree guides participants to understand how being vulnerable allows us to embrace our power to achieve greater clarity and wisdom which, in turn, helps us turn our dreams and goals into reality.

Sheree’s message can be customized for any audience.  Her presentations are perfect for:

  • Corporate Conferences and Retreats
  • Women’s Groups and Associations
  • Entrepreneur & Business Development
  • Small Business Workshops
  • Faith-Based and Nonprofit Organizations
  • Government Agencies


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