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Invisible Beliefs Block Our Intuition

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Most of our behavior is invisible to us.  When our life does not work out the way we plan, we often look anywhere but inside to find the answers that we need.  To redirect our lives we must examine and reconsider the invisible beliefs which shape the direction of our lives.  When we use our intuition it will help us make visible the invisible structure which supports our ability to make changes that we desire.

Journalist Lynne McTaggert author of the The Field:  The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe wrote:  “Particles exist in all possible states until disturbed by us-by observing or measuring-at which point, they settle down, at long last into something real.”

Our thoughts, feelings and beliefs are the programs in this invisible energy field.  Most of us are distracted by our fear-based perceptions and refuse to acknowledge or believe our own inherent goodness. The invisible energy field that shapes matter, as defined by quantum physics has the same invisible shaping that metaphysicans define as “spirit.”

Most of us are too busy to make dedicated time to connect with our spirit.  We must use little chunks of time to do this, instead of waiting for the perfect day in which you have “lots of time.”

We make choices.  Each of us can choose to be either a victim or our own hero.  As humans we have the unique capacity to brainstorm possible changes in our beliefs and take all life has to give.  Hoping and dreaming about your future is the first step, and it must be followed by action.  The internal connection we have does not need anything else.

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