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Dynamic Duo Uses Intuition To Help Save Kidnap Victim

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A female version of Batman and Robin played a big role in the rescue of kidnap victim Jaycee Lee Dugard and her two daughters. This 18-year-old kidnap case had police baffled, until two officers working for the University of Berkeley California Police Department connected with their intuition, instincts and bravery to turn this this into a story of great hope.

Officers Allison (Ally) Jacobs and Lisa Campbell encountered Phillip Garrido and his two daughters on August 24th when they came to the University to get approval for a crusade he had planned.

Upon meeting Garrido, the accused kidnaper, and his girls the officers said, “they knew something didn’t seem right.”

The two are trained professionals and managed their intuitive insight with a keen awareness that we can all learn lessons from. The steps they took, are the same ones each of us are capable of doing when a significant hunch enters our mind.  Here are the three steps the officers took to make decisions with confident and greater clarity:

1. Ask questions. The two female officers began to ask the girls leading questions.  Officer Jacobs said the 11- year old girl was staring at her with pale, bright blue eyes. Though they didn’t look malnourished she remarked on the younger girl’s look in her eyes. “It was like she was looking into my soul,” Officer Jacobs said.  Paying attention to how you think and feel about the person you are talking to is critical in being able to take action which could lead to a significant life change.  The officers scheduled a second meeting with Garrido the very next day.

2.  Observe body language.  The more frequently we use our intuition the more details we will take in.  Clearly there are moments when are thoughts, beliefs and emotions meet with our intuition – the key is to be present within your presence, so you can notice when our brain and intuition interconnect.  Everyone of us will have the possibly of at least one moment in our life, when our inner awareness could have a significant impact.

3. Take action quickly. Officer Jacobs had no basis in which she could make an arrest but when Phillip Garrido left, she made a phone call to his parole officer. In the telephone conversation with the parole officer, she found out that Garrido had no children.  Oftentimes, an intuitive insight is one that we must consciously choose to act upon no matter how busy we find ourselves.  The key is being able to slow down and pay attention when it happens.  If the two officers had been “too busy” to notice Garrido he could have easily continued to elude arrest as he did for 18 years.

When we use out intuition and trust it, we have the ability to make momentous decisions and take definitive actions that are capable of life changing consequences.

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Use Your Intuition for Your 6-month Checkup

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We are already six months into 2009, and it is a good time to ask your intuition if things are moving along the way you want in your life.

In my work as an Intuitive Counselor one of the things I talk to my clients about is the importance of examining their life plan more than once a year. It’s a lot easier to course correct when you fully engaged in what is happening in your life. Connecting with your inner awareness is a great way to self-assess and determine what areas need to be changed, revised or even scrapped.

Start by being open to connecting with your intuition and asking these three critical questions:

1. When was the last time I stepped out on faith or did something to confront my fears?

2. Have I taken time to invest in myself . . . such as read a book to expand my tool set, stretched out of my comfort zone to network in a new group, gone to a workshop or seminar that wasn’t sponsored by my job, or simply challenged myself to be a better me? (See details below for this one.)

3. When was the last time You took a risk?

The information is always there is you choose to listen. Tell your intuition you are receptive to the message and believe that the information you receive is Divinely-Directed.

Go to my website http://www.shereefranklin.com to find out more details about my workshop on “The Power of Your Beliefs.” It’s a great way to stretch your intuitive muscle in an interactive learning experience.

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Trust Your Gut in the Job Market

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It’s no secret that everyone these days is concerned about job security. For many Americans it is a scary time with over half a million new people added to the unemployment ranks. Here are eight steps you can take to intuitively guide you in the process of this uncertain job market.

Pay attention to what is going on around you
If people speak in hushed tones when you come near, or if there are meetings taking place where you are not included, don’t ignore it. Listen to your inner voice. If your gut tells you that you are at risk you should immediately become more vocal about the value of your contributions.

This is not a time to eat humble pie. Make sure the people who count know your contributions. Ask your clients to write notes about the service they received from you. Keep track of your testimonials and circulate them.

After a salesperson found the receipt for an expensive item I needed to return, I sent a note commending her efforts to her supervisor. Taking the time to give positive feedback goes a long way to setting an energetic connection to receiving good in return.

Contribute ideas
They say, “If you want to have a great idea, have a lot of ideas.” If you are not an idea person, become one. A good book to read to help with this process is The Passion Test by Jane Atwood. Creative people who bring good energy into the office will be remembered. Also, even if you are let go, having established your good energy will help you negotiate a more satisfying exit package.

Continue educating yourself.
When you expand your knowledge base you become more valuable. Also, when you can show on your resume your ability to increase your responsibilities you will become more marketable. Now is the time to attend community colleges and focus on the skills and abilities that will not only help you in your present job but will lay a foundation for what you want in the future.

Don’t pretend like it can’t happen to you.
A female client working in the telecommunications industry ignored the signs of change because she focused on the revenue her department brought in to the company. When she was offered an opportunity to leave with a year’s salary she turned it down, and subsequently lost the offer when the department was cut a few months later.

Make a list now of the things that you would want if your position suddenly ended.
We often stop thinking when we are in the midst of turmoil. That’s why it is important that you sit down and make the list before any changes occurs. When is your bonus due? Will you receive it? If you’ve done the work to earn it you need to ask for it. Ask for personal references now. Ask for a written statement of your abilities and your contribution to the company when you are first told the news. People have short memories. Also you don’t know whose job will be eliminated next. If the person who knows your strengths leaves suddenly, you may not get the detailed recommendation from another person.

Ask for outplacement assistance.
Many employers aren’t going to offer this but you can’t be afraid to ask. Act like you expect it as part of your exit package. The person who delivers bad news can sometimes be persuaded to give you something you really want.

Don’t allow yourself to wallow.
It is easy in troubled times to become isolated. There are a lot of people facing similar challenges. Connect with those who emit a positive energy.Operating in this energy range you will be more likely to attract in new people and circumstances. Even if you don’t have a health club membership, make time to exercise. A steady stream of endorphins will assist you in thriving in the midst of change.

Get busy giving
When you are not looking for a job, make dedicated time to give service to others. You don’t have to look that far to find someone else who is facing more challenges than you. And when we give at this level it allows us to invoke the Law of Reciprocity, which says that when you do good deeds for another, they will do good deeds for you. This is a time when we all are going to need our neighbors, family, and friends, so give freely, cheerfully, and often.

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Awaken Your Intuition

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The popularity of the television programs the Ghost Whisperer and Medium has more people thinking about ways to expand their intuitive abilities. Most of us weren’t born with the special gifts those characters portray, but each of us has an innate ability to connect with our inner knowing.

Developing this tool will help you make better decisions, determine when something is wrong or right for you or even who to trust. Clearing the chaos in your mind is the first step to being able to connect with your inner consciousness.  It begins with making consistent time for silence. Our society does not condition people to be in complete silence, so your first attempt may feel like it went on for eternity.

Set short time periods that are realistic, rather then attempting to become a master mediator on the first day.

Deep breathing exercises is one of the best ways to become relaxed. Guided meditation CDs are a good way to get started. One meditation CD which has a book to offer instructions is Getting in the Gap by Dr. Wayne Dyer.

Once you start to connect with your inner knowing you can ask yourself questions. They could be as simple as what route to take to work, or characteristics or traits about a person that you don’t know. Play with it, test yourself and you’ll find that exercising your muscle of inner knowing will get stronger. Accessing your intuition and trusting it is like sharpening a pencil.

Connecting with your intuition allows us to feel powerful and more trusting of ourselves. How many times have you beat yourself up over not following what you knew all along? Practicing with your intuition on a daily basis gives you a powerful tool to use in all areas of your life!

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Train Your Brain Like an Athlete

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How does an athlete know how to be at the exact spot where their opponent’s ball lands? Experts will tell you it has to do with conditioning and training. Those are critical skills to developing any kind of success, but research is now showing that your ability to tap into implicit memory plays a big part in being able to craft and create the destiny of your life. It might even provide you with insight you weren’t aware was happening.

A couple of weeks ago I was on a very crowded Chicago Transit Authority Bus at rush hour. The bus was so packed that I found myself barely able to squeeze into the front area surrounding the driver. To me, being near the driver always made me feel safer, but that wasn’t the case this particular cold, and windy February night.

The wind off Lake Michigan practically pushing me down the street to catch the northbound 151 bus. As soon as I put my transit card through a bad feeling came over me. Since crowds are one of my least favorite environments to be in, I pushed the feeling aside and hung on for my very short 15 minute ride home.

In less than 5 minutes into that ride I felt a tug on my purse. That’s right, in a flash someone had already pulled back the zipper on my bag and helped themselves to my wallet containing $100!

Needless to say, I wanted to scream—but scream at whom? Every face I looked into appeared impassive and indifferent. I shook my head in disbelief and got off the bus with the clear insight that riding the bus again without recognizing my inner awareness would never happen again.

But remember, intuition is my thing. Hadn’t I paid close attention when my good friend, Judy mentioned that most of the time we carry around too much stuff in our wallets? While we were on the phone, I took this helpful comment to heart and took things out of my purse and wallet that were unnecessary and would have resulted in a harder impact when my wallet was stolen.

Even knowing I had taken that step only a couple of days before, didn’t help to change the feeling of outrage over the fact that someone could act so callously against me or anyone else.

As I explained my feelings to my CPA husband, he surprised me by taking a step out of his usual financial, left brain mode and asked me a critical question. “Can you remember everyone that was around you?”

Remember, the bus was extremely crowded, but I distinctly remembered three men surrounding me. I went through a description of each one with him: an Asian man in a suit, a black male who looked like he was on his way to work with a garment bag on his arm, and a nondescript white man.

Without hesitation my husband told me, “The brother got you.” I refused to believe it, telling him that the black man looked like he worked in a restaurant or as a doorman with a clean, crisp white shirt and his hair was immaculate.

My husband asked me if he exited the bus before me. When I confirmed it, he told the person who has committed a crime usually wants to get away fast, because they don’t know if you will notice the missing item. I should mention that my husband grew from a working class family in Baltimore to grow into a well-respected businessman.

Because of the details he guided me into recalling, my intuition kicked in when I encountered one of the guys from that fateful bus just two weeks later. This time this well-groomed mid- to late-thirties black young man got off the same northbound 151 and crossed the street and waited for the same bus only going southbound this time with me.

I went into my memory and recalled the details from the day of my fateful bus ride from two weeks before. Again, he was wearing a white crisp shirt this time I noted black embroidery around the collar, dark pants and a garment bag over his arm. Again, his hair and grooming were immaculate. I took in his height and my sixth sense had already started to send me verbal clues, “Watch him, my mind said but don’t get too close.” I got on the bus first and allowed myself to be intuitively guided to the right seat. This bus heading downtown wasn’t packed like the one earlier, and I knew if he was the same guy, he would have to be selective on choosing a victim. Even while behind me, I made my intuition focus in on him. He stood at the exit doors immediately to the rear of my seat and with my intuition on heighted awareness, I knew without looking when he made a move to sit down.

While watching him I also very casually looked at the other people on the bus and identified who would be an easy mark coming down the aisle. It was amazing to note that I counted at least two women with their wallets in their hands very casually dumping it back into their purse. Each of these people weren’t seated anywhere near where the guy was standing. Then my mind got laser-focused and I concentrated on a white female in her mid-40s with a knee-length mink coat sitting on a vertical bench near the exit door where my guy was standing.

The guy sat down and appeared to be very intent on counting money from his wallet. I watched him taking in his bench companion as she went back and forth through her large bag and then carefully zipped things back up. Even with this careful action, the guy didn’t get dissuaded he stayed focused on the woman and even got to the point where he stretched his arm across the empty seat between them.

With my newspaper up and hat down I was carefully taking all this in and knew he would make a move very soon. I put the newspaper down and pointed to the woman asking her to come sit in the empty seat by me. Without hesitating she grabbed her bag and came over. I whispered my concerns and then the next thing you knew the guy immediately exited the bus.

The lady told me that she was about to take a trip and would have been “bad off,” if her things would have been stolen.” She called me “her angel,” and thanked me for saying something before it was too late.

Each of us has the capacity to connect into our inner knowing but when it comes up (like me on the fateful bus where my wallet was stolen) we push the feeling aside for all sorts of reasons.

Just as athlete knows where to be in the exact spot of the court when a ball falls, you can live your life intuitively and it will help you train for the greatest performance in your life—the ability to guide and direct your life safely.

Your intuition is there for you to listen and heed. This is how it gets stronger and it could mean the difference between your wallet getting stolen and your ability to be an angel to someone you don’t even know.

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Unblocking Inner Wisdom

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There are many things that we clutter our minds with that diminish our ability to connect with our intuition. One of the biggest challenges in unblocking our inner wisdom is when we practice sympathy, and not empathy, when it comes to other people’s problems.

The difference between empathy and sympathy has a big impact on everything from our wellness to our ability to manifest our desires.

Oftentimes, we get into sympathy with people that we love and before you know it, you become intricately involved in their problems to the extent where you end up worrying about their issues.

When we are empathetic, it is possible to step back and see the life journey another person is facing without getting so involved. You can pray for others, offer your insights and suggestions, but it is critically important that each of us knows how to separate ourselves from another’s life experience.

This lesson was revealed to me in a big way when a female client came in to see me about a year after her mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer. As with all people who allow me to participate in their life journey, I had prayed for her along the way. Even though we had not seen each other since our initial visit, it took me only a couple of minutes to sense that the life force of the mother had passed and that while expressing my condolences I was taken by surprise to sense that the young 40-year-old woman seated in front of me was now ill.

When I questioned her on this she told me without hesitation that “she now had breast cancer.” Before even processing the information deeply I asked her simply, “What had you been thinking when your mother was ill?” She told me she, “Kept wishing it was her.”

We must be careful on this life journey to allow others to experience their challenges without allowing ourselves to take in another person’s burdens. Each of us is meant to walk this life’s journey and grow and evolve in our own life challenges. Taking on another’s life experience does not allow us to expand our consciousness.

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Forgiving Yourself

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Do you know who the most important person many of us need to forgive? It’s YOU. All too often we play the blame game and continuously bombard our minds and spirit with the regrets, mistakes, and disappointments in our lives.

Our thoughts, feelings, and emotions are too important to ignore and must be carefully monitored in order to help navigate and direct our path to wellness, success, and happiness. Never was this lesson explained to me more clearly than from a teenager.

The student and I connected when she interviewed as part of my responsibility chairing the Chicago Minority Business Development Council Scholarship Committee.

She was a 17-year-old Asian immigrant who was one of the highest ranking students in a large inner-city school in Chicago. Kim, (not her name) had come to the United States around the age of six or seven and spoke only Chinese. As an only child, her parents emphasized the importance of achieving an American education and she spent many hours studying.

The hard work and dedication paid off and she was named Valedictorian her senior year. At the same time, the student’s family learned that her maternal grandfather was dying in China. They made the commitment to travel home for two weeks to see him in his final days.

When Kim informed the school’s principal of her upcoming absence, she learned that due to the small point difference between herself and the other top ranked students, it would be next to impossible for her to maintain the coveted Number One spot. Looking at the young girl across the table from me, I could still sense the deep hurt of this experience.

She told of having spoken with Grandfather about this injustice and he asked her a critical question, “If you were given a choice between a large stick of gold and a vessel that contained time, which would you choose? Kim said, “Of course, I would take the gold.” He told her the vessel of time is much important because that you can never replace.”

After the funeral service, Kim returned to school and hid the deep hurt inside over losing the top spot, by overeating in her home alone each day. After gaining almost 30 pounds in a few months Kim’s self-esteem plummeted even more. Her parents spent long hours working in low wage jobs and didn’t notice their daughter’s despair.

Later, taking a college-level Psychology class, Kim continued her practice of reading the entire textbook in the first week. She then met with the teacher and told her of her own diagnosis of having an eating disorder. Kim said, “My parents cannot afford to put me in therapy. I must work to change myself.” The two devised a strategy in which Kim would get a job after school doing something that she really loved: working in the library. And she was to commit to asking one person to do something with her each week.

When I asked her what she learned from this experience, Kim explained, “I had to make up with myself and stop being angry about everything I thought I had done wrong.” My eyes filled with tears as I listened to this life lesson coming from this young teenage girl seated across from me.

How many of us don’t understand the vital significance of practicing self-forgiveness? We often talk to ourselves much worse than we would allow anyone else to. Only through truly listening to our inner dialogue can we become aware of what we are saying to ourselves.

Kim was on route to graduating in the top ten of her class. When she left the room, everyone agreed we found our scholarship award winner.

©2008 Sheree Franklin. Sheree is a life coach and entrepreneur who specializes in intuitive coaching. Sign up for Sheree’s bi-monthly tips on intuition and relationships at

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Intuition: Use it to Maintain Wellness

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Stress has become more heightened in America as an additional half-a-million new people lose their jobs during this holiday period. Research shows that high stress levels are one of the key factors that impact our ability to maintain a strong immune system and to even think positively. And along with the loss of so many jobs, more people don’t have health insurance, or the funds to pay for a doctor when a problem develops. One of the best kept secrets is that you can use your intuition to do your own internal “check-up,” to boost your immune system, and alert you when something is wrong in your body.

One of the major challenge periods in my life happened when I was going through a divorce while trying to build a business at the same time. To say that I was scared is an understatement—fear and I got to be old friends. Somehow I managed to squeeze in my annual mammogram right before the insurance cutoff. This is the one of the first things you want to do in a job loss, find out what tests and procedures can be done while you are still covered by your insurance and/or before money gets extremely tight.

Knowing that I had a positive mammogram result just a month before, helped me when a problem developed with my left breast. It was very subtle but I found myself waking in the morning sensing that my breast felt differently. I decided to allow myself time to meditate on the area that morning and ask that whatever needed to be known would be revealed to me in Divine Order.

My then 7-year-old daughter confirmed just a couple of hours later, what I knew intuitively. When I was getting out the shower, she alerted to the fact that the area around my nipple looked red. At first I thought it had to do with my rubbing to hard with my wash cloth, but intuitively my mind kept going back to this area and what I had been sensing the last couple of mornings.

Calling the doctor became the right thing to do even though funds were tight. I was referred to a breast specialist and immediately my mind went into a list of all the other things that had gone wrong since the divorce. In the midst of this inner turmoil, I caught myself listening to my inner voice and it told me “to relax and not to go into this with fear.”

The breast infection diagnosis included a round of powerful antibiotics that the doctor had samples of and would last me a few days. If things didn’t improve after that point, I would need to undergo another round of medication and possibly a very painful draining of the ducts surrounding the nipple.

I came home that day and sensed that it was time for me to intuitively connect with my body and ask what was wrong. What came back was the old nemesis—anger—as the underlying cause.

When my marriage ended, my ex-husband vowed not to provide any help or pay support for his daughter. His moving in with his parents and refusing to work had left me struggling and feeling enraged for about a year.

In addition to the anger there was also the underlying emotion of shame that filled me up and made me not want to reach out to others for help. People didn’t know how hard I was struggling during those times. It wasn’t unusual for me to pay the light bill on the day that the disconnection notice took effect. Or how I convinced my daughter that we were “having a party” when there were only peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to eat for dinner.

Coming to grips with the anger was a bigger part of my treatment than the giant pills the doctor gave me to swallow. In addition to the medicine, the doctor also prescribed hot compresses placed on my breast once or twice a day. I decided to play full out and give myself the best chance for a complete recovery and applied the compresses sometimes 4 to 6 times every day. While the compresses were on, I intuitively went into my body and expressed gratitude for it alerting me to the effects of my anger. And I told myself that it was time to change. Being angry at my ex-husband wasn’t allowing me to connect with the fullness and richness in my life. I made the decision that releasing the anger and shame was the only way to keep my body and spirit well.

There are many people facing tremendous hardships wondering how they can keep their homes, feed their children and even hold onto their spirit. This is a time in which you must consciously choose to connect with your inner knowing (intuition). It can be done in as little as five minutes. On my website you will find a free affirmations & meditations that can be either downloaded or listened to on a daily basis. I created it for busy people who do not have the time or even the foundation for connecting with their intuition. Use it as a precursor to explore what damaging emotions are holding you back in your life. For me, becoming aware and understanding my anger and shame opened the doorway for wellness in my body.

©2008 Sheree Franklin. Sheree is a life coach and entrepreneur who specializes in intuitive coaching. Visit her web site at www.shereefranklin.com or contact [email protected]

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