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Creating and Receiving Miracles

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A few weeks ago I showed you how to believe in miracles. This week, I want to tell you about one of the most powerful lessons that I have learned about miracles. That is the ability to create and participate in miracles.

No person creates a miracle alone. To align with this ability you must firmly ground yourself in the unwavering belief in the Power of your Source. God may be the whole which provides miracles but you create the space within yourself to receive it.

Many people don’t realize they have the ability to create their own miracles. This blog is dedicated to sharing with you some of the most intimate revelations that have been revealed to me in numerous meditations and readings.

Here are the four vital steps which will turn on your spiritual faucet to create your dreams and desires.

Command a miracle – At the first sign of a problem or crisis go into silence, and connect with your mind and heart and declare, “I need a miracle.” That’s right, no begging, pleading bargaining or negotiating. The good Lord appreciates it when we claim our gifts without hesitation or fear. To work at this level, your spiritual faucet must be turned on at all times. Commanding is the way to evoke a catalyst for spiritual change in your life.

Be specific – Don’t dilute your message with a lot of if’s, and’s, or but’s. Developing your spiritual muscle occurs when we become so clear and focused on our needs that we believe nothing can stop us.

It has always amazed me that there have been times in which my prayers are immediately answered and others that never manifest. In one very intimate conversation with God I asked, “Why does it seem some of my prayers manifest immediately while others hang in the Universe never coming to fruition?”

What came back was so simple that trying it had such immediate results that I feel compelled to share the insight with you. Intuitively I connected and heard the following, “It is the vibration of the words you use that attracts what we need.”

You know, of course, that I then had to ask specifically what words should we use to create or manifest our desires at the highest level? Take a moment to write down these three phrases and memorize them in your heart and mind: I Create, I Will, or I Am are the words my spiritual insight directed me to say in front of whatever I wanted to attract into my life.

For the last several years, my self-study has consisted developing a formula that normally is only given to my clients, today I’ll share it with you. The first sentence (used with one of the three phrases) should clearly state your need. It should be followed by a second sentence that enthusiastically describes how you will feel when your dream is achieved. Experience the feeling of the words so deeply that you allow yourself to visualize your miracle on every level.

My skin started to tingle the first time I used these phrases with this formula. Try this for a period of one month, dedicating as much time as possible to repeating them to the point where they become your soul’s song.

Always practice gratitude My meditation practice begins with a running list of everything that exists in my life that demonstrates God’s overwhelming gifts to me. I allow my spirit to be touched by each moment or time in my life in which I feel grateful. Sometimes the list is like an unconscious song in my head, it starts to automatically present itself as soon as I begin my meditation. There is no right or wrong ways to do this, just simply begin with what you appreciate in your life.

Be willing to participate in miracles for others – All of us have times in life in which we have the opportunity to decide to help another. Many times, we let a synchronistic moment slip by not realizing the interconnectivity of the Universe is working on every level. It is willingness to give to others that is the strongest conduit for attracting miracles.

During a very turbulent period after my dear mother died and I found myself unable to determine my life path, I called out to God while driving my list of needs. What came back was, “You told me what you want but what are you willing to give?” Pondering on that insight, I turned the corner and found myself staring at a church I’ve seen many times on my way home. This day was different though and I parked my car and went inside to find out how I could help. Since then I am regular volunteer every 6 weeks to help feed the homeless.

Things change for me in an instant after that, but the message was clear if you want to receive you have to be willing to give. Before I knew it the period had been transformed and clients started coming in to see me without any effort on my part, followed by my being paid to create custom presentations for organizations and corporations.

One of the newest books I’ve read that gives highly vivid and descriptive examples of synchronicity, destiny and meaning is by Louise L. Hay, The Times of Our Lives [Buy it here]. For those who struggle to read a whole book, each short chapter is a separate story on someone who has moved their life forward. Some have suffered through bad marriages, low self esteem, physical and emotional abuse. Each story is unique and after three pages I found my soul would be uplifted with the message it conveyed. By the way, I got my copy at the library, so if you don’t have a card get one it is one of the best kept bargains around these days. Remember, change happens at the invisible level.

P.S. One of the miracles I want to create is to expand my list of people who receive and read Sheree’s Tips & Blog to more than 1000! Every morning in my meditation the Good Lord tells me to write and I figure if more people are reading it then another miracle will unfold in my life.

Being able to have the first article I’ve submitted published in Ebony magazine this past February, is a just hint of what God wants for me. If you didn’t read it or want to pass it along you can find “Trust Your Intuition,” in the media section of my Web site https://www.shereefranklin.com. If you’re passing this along ask the person to sign up through my Web site. This is the way to see the actual count. I appreciate your efforts on my behalf.

P.P.S. If you know of any group or organization that is looking for pure positive thoughts as part of its special event or seminar please let me know. I love to teach at the highest level.

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