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Spiritual Shift: Changing Faith

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Faith is changing.

A new poll shows that 44% of Americans have chosen either to change their religious affiliation or abandoned going to church altogether.

The U.S. Religious Landscape Survey interviewed 35,000 people to snapshot a revealing photo of American religious habits. This insightful report demonstrates that churches today are going to have to pay attention to these changing patterns.

The poll shows the major Christian denominations are losing numbers fast. Non-denominational churches are the only ones that showed growth. The expansion of Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism are directly connected to immigration, conversion, workplaces and school. Two in three people who grew up Jehovah’s Witnesses are also leaving their faith.

Not shown in the report is the percentage of people who pray or believe in God. Perhaps today’s religious outlook will be more like a self-study program with people creating their own spiritual learning format.

One has only to look at the recent popularity of the Web site class Oprah is teaching on Eckert Tolle’s book, A New Earth Awakening To Your Life’s Purpose, to know that people are eager to embrace a spiritual path that is outside of the traditional format.

Prayer is an important part of Western culture that is not restricted to particular denomination. We dance with God when we reflect our innermost needs and desires regardless of our religious denomination.

For many people the most powerful belief is belief in God. For the last 40 years, Gallup Poll results have shown that 95% of people believe in God. Spiritual strength is sought by many to overcome life’s circumstances.

There is enormous research which demonstrates the power of the human belief system. The Intention Experiment by Lynne McTaggert reveals startling scientific data which shows the impact of intention on everything from the growth of a plant to reducing cancer cells in controlled environments.

Self-study spirituality is the wave of the future. Churches that understand and embrace this concept will expand. Those who don’t will reflect the diminishing pulpit size that this report reveals. People are no longer willing to accept a paint-by-number plan that most religions have taught.

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