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Use Your Intuition for Your 6-month Checkup

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We are already six months into 2009, and it is a good time to ask your intuition if things are moving along the way you want in your life.

In my work as an Intuitive Counselor one of the things I talk to my clients about is the importance of examining their life plan more than once a year. It’s a lot easier to course correct when you fully engaged in what is happening in your life. Connecting with your inner awareness is a great way to self-assess and determine what areas need to be changed, revised or even scrapped.

Start by being open to connecting with your intuition and asking these three critical questions:

1. When was the last time I stepped out on faith or did something to confront my fears?

2. Have I taken time to invest in myself . . . such as read a book to expand my tool set, stretched out of my comfort zone to network in a new group, gone to a workshop or seminar that wasn’t sponsored by my job, or simply challenged myself to be a better me? (See details below for this one.)

3. When was the last time You took a risk?

The information is always there is you choose to listen. Tell your intuition you are receptive to the message and believe that the information you receive is Divinely-Directed.

Go to my website http://www.shereefranklin.com to find out more details about my workshop on “The Power of Your Beliefs.” It’s a great way to stretch your intuitive muscle in an interactive learning experience.

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