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Job Hunting With Positive Energy

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Paying attention to the random energy we experience in our lives is a powerful tool to utilize in today’s challenging job market. Each of us has a positive and negative filter on all the time. Our inner technology makes us aware of what is helping or hindering us from achieving the things we want. Oftentimes, we don’t pay attention to what is going on inside of us either because we are too busy or we haven’t been conditioned to believe our intuitive insights are valuable.

The energy which usually blocks our intuition is fear. When we are afraid it limits our ability to process information effectively. Becoming aware of what stops your growth and development will help you navigate the job market with greater confidence and clarity.

Here are six ways to pay attention to the free-flowing classroom that all of us are experiencing in life:

1. Pay attention to the people or circumstances that make you fearful. Set the intention to create an opposite experience then what you typically feel when someone or something makes you afraid. If you know that interviewing makes you nervous take time to mentally prepare on all the levels. Record yourself role playing the answers to the questions you intuitively feel will be asked and practice at least two answers. Think of your statements as being “mini commercials,” and sell yourself and your strengths and abilities in short, concise statements.

2. Listen to your intuition. When you develop a healthy relationship with your inner technology it will appear like a trusted friend and alert you when things don’t feel or sound right. Paying attention to your “interior vision,” will allow you to focus on how your body is processing different experiences.

3. Lift up your energy before a meeting or interview. Astute interviewers look for individuals who make them feel good. The critical point is that you must be authentic. Forcing energy that you are not feeling can be easily detected. That’s why you must take time to mentally, physically, emotionally and even spiritually prepare before you sit down for any important meeting. Fine tuning your energy field allows others to easily feel a positive flow coming from you. An excellent example of an individual who knows how to work with energy effectively is Ellen Degeneres. She starts her show by playing music and dancing around the studio with her audience. Everyone becomes engaged at an energetic level and believes they will have a great time. Determine what raises your energy and use it before going to an interview or an important meeting.

4 Make a gratitude list. It is easy to focus of all the things we do not have in our lives. This is a simple technique which is easy to do even if you don’t have a pencil. If you are alone, say the list out loud. It can be particular helpful if you find yourself feeling bad after a situation didn’t go the way you hoped.

5. Know what lifts your energy. Being able to soothe yourself is a valuable tool for being able to recover from everything from a so-so job interview to getting the news that you were not the selected candidate. Staying in a down energy field will limit your ability to rebound quickly for that next opportunity!

6. Avoid absorbing other people’s fears. Distancing yourself from people who are energy drainers is critical. Decide who builds your energy and choose to be with individuals who make your spirit soar! This is particularly difficult when the energy drainer in your life is either a dear friend or family member. Taking mini breaks from energy sappers isn’t being selfish…this allows you to take care of yourself so you will radiate positive energy needed to land that perfect job!

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