The Most Damaging Human Emotions

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The Most Damaging Human Emotions

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Everything that you are destined to become comes from your energy. An energy field that is clouded with anger, resentment, fear and guilt blocks wellness in the body.

In my work as an Intuitive Counselor, I see people facing serious health problems who have not been able to heal past hurts from their mind and spirit. The solution for many of them is the wonderful and frequently misunderstood practice of forgiveness.

One of the most surprisingly effective tools I refer to my clients is a book and website entitled Radical Forgiveness by Colin Tipping. The website features a worksheet that  allows you to fully describe the emotional hurt which is present in your life. Removing that pain opens the doorway for your body to maintain perfect health.

Many clients start with one conflict or issue that has not been resolved and will move on to include past hurts that still generates pain or upset in their life.

One female client no sooner did a worksheet surrounding a year old conflict with a girlfriend, when the person called a week later. Working through her anger before the friend’s call was significant, because the other individual was still hurt and upset. My client was all smiles as she described her ability to transcend the experience and to offer peace and understanding about her friend’s held emotion without judgment.

The power of forgiveness is often overlooked in the health problems that are present in a person’s body. I’d like to look at what forgiveness is, as well as what it is not:

1.  Forgiveness is not pardoning unacceptable behavior. If someone has hurt you repeatedly, then you are not expected to condone their actions.

2.  Forgiveness is not putting a smiley face on something that still hurts. To work at this level you must be willing to accept and desire freedom from the pain attached to the situation.

3.  Forgiveness does not require you to be friends with someone who has hurt you.

4.  Forgiveness is not an excuse for feeling superior to the person you have forgiven.

5.  Forgiveness is not an opportunity to get someone else to change.

6.  Forgiveness has nothing to do with the other person, it’s for you and only you.

Skyrocketing medical costs and the risk of disease are two reasons to examine the emotional hurts you may be holding onto. When we clean up the emotional garbage in our lives it frees us from pain that will often lead to the manifestation of disease.

If you or someone you know is in need of emotional healing, contact me at to set up a consultation.

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