Trust Your Gut in the Job Market

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Trust Your Gut in the Job Market

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It’s no secret that everyone these days is concerned about job security. For many Americans it is a scary time with over half a million new people added to the unemployment ranks. Here are eight steps you can take to intuitively guide you in the process of this uncertain job market.

Pay attention to what is going on around you
If people speak in hushed tones when you come near, or if there are meetings taking place where you are not included, don’t ignore it. Listen to your inner voice. If your gut tells you that you are at risk you should immediately become more vocal about the value of your contributions.

This is not a time to eat humble pie. Make sure the people who count know your contributions. Ask your clients to write notes about the service they received from you. Keep track of your testimonials and circulate them.

After a salesperson found the receipt for an expensive item I needed to return, I sent a note commending her efforts to her supervisor. Taking the time to give positive feedback goes a long way to setting an energetic connection to receiving good in return.

Contribute ideas
They say, “If you want to have a great idea, have a lot of ideas.” If you are not an idea person, become one. A good book to read to help with this process is The Passion Test by Jane Atwood. Creative people who bring good energy into the office will be remembered. Also, even if you are let go, having established your good energy will help you negotiate a more satisfying exit package.

Continue educating yourself.
When you expand your knowledge base you become more valuable. Also, when you can show on your resume your ability to increase your responsibilities you will become more marketable. Now is the time to attend community colleges and focus on the skills and abilities that will not only help you in your present job but will lay a foundation for what you want in the future.

Don’t pretend like it can’t happen to you.
A female client working in the telecommunications industry ignored the signs of change because she focused on the revenue her department brought in to the company. When she was offered an opportunity to leave with a year’s salary she turned it down, and subsequently lost the offer when the department was cut a few months later.

Make a list now of the things that you would want if your position suddenly ended.
We often stop thinking when we are in the midst of turmoil. That’s why it is important that you sit down and make the list before any changes occurs. When is your bonus due? Will you receive it? If you’ve done the work to earn it you need to ask for it. Ask for personal references now. Ask for a written statement of your abilities and your contribution to the company when you are first told the news. People have short memories. Also you don’t know whose job will be eliminated next. If the person who knows your strengths leaves suddenly, you may not get the detailed recommendation from another person.

Ask for outplacement assistance.
Many employers aren’t going to offer this but you can’t be afraid to ask. Act like you expect it as part of your exit package. The person who delivers bad news can sometimes be persuaded to give you something you really want.

Don’t allow yourself to wallow.
It is easy in troubled times to become isolated. There are a lot of people facing similar challenges. Connect with those who emit a positive energy.Operating in this energy range you will be more likely to attract in new people and circumstances. Even if you don’t have a health club membership, make time to exercise. A steady stream of endorphins will assist you in thriving in the midst of change.

Get busy giving
When you are not looking for a job, make dedicated time to give service to others. You don’t have to look that far to find someone else who is facing more challenges than you. And when we give at this level it allows us to invoke the Law of Reciprocity, which says that when you do good deeds for another, they will do good deeds for you. This is a time when we all are going to need our neighbors, family, and friends, so give freely, cheerfully, and often.

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