Two Steps For Using Intuition to Reduce Risk of Heart Problems

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Two Steps For Using Intuition to Reduce Risk of Heart Problems

Awareness is power.  People who are aware and awake to staying positive in their lives are less likely to develop heart problems, then those who tend to be depressed.  A study published in Europe’s leading cardiology journal, The European Heart Journal, shows that there is an independent relationship between positive emotions and heart disease.  Each of us has the ability to connect with our intuition to transform and transmit ourselves to live longer and healthier lives.  Here are two steps to help you reprogram and heal yourself during times of stress:

1. Check in with your body regularly. Your body is aware of everything.  Every cell knows what you are busy thinking, how your moods change, and where your deepest beliefs lie.  One of the most acute stress levels that many people are facing is the fear of a potential job loss.  Even thinking about losing your job has found to be more damaging then an actual firing.  Our attitude and our interpretation of the challenges we face influence the outcome of our experiences.

2. Stay positive. Optimistic responses can be learned.  Create the belief that any difficulty you are facing is temporary, an isolated circumstance that can be overcome through your efforts and abilities.  Watch the tendency to practice negative behavior patterns such as smoking, drinking excessively and staying up at night worrying about your problems.  If you can not afford counseling consider going to a church for assistance or a non-profit organization which provides services on a sliding scale.  It is often more difficult for men to talk about their problems then women and they are also 80 percent more likely to die of a heart attack or develop a heart problems during times of extreme stress.

Awareness would have no power if your body did not respond to it.  Life is one flow of awareness and our intuition serves as one of the most powerful tools in our life journey to help us create greater health and happiness in our lives.

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