Use Your Intuition to Alert You to the Emotion of Anger

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Use Your Intuition to Alert You to the Emotion of Anger

Emotions flow through us like water. Until we consciously become aware of our feelings it is easy to let them get out-of-control. The most damaging emotion is anger. The best way to become aware of this disruptive energy is to develop the practice of constantly observing your emotions. Taking this action is one of the most powerful steps we can do to consciously create what we want in our lives.

Our feelings are all around us and are difficult to control, but gaining this ability has the power to transform and accelerate healing in all areas of your life. In my work as an Intuitive Counselor and Coach, my clients suffer from anger over everything from relationships breakups, mistreatment by their parents to not having achieved their potential. Regardless of the experience, the lesson is always the same, when we recognize our internal boiling point, we have the ability to control the outcome.

When we practice being intuitively aware of our feelings we are collecting the data that is needed to change any circumstance we face in our lives. This capacity is vital to understanding our choices, options and alternatives to achieving a prosperous, healthy and long life.

Here’s an excerpt from my book, Intuition:  The Hidden Asset Everyone Should Learn to Use:

We must approach life like a chest game, and learn to play each step carefully and consciously before making a move.  While we may never completely vanquish the emotion of anger from our life experience, we can definitely control how much it affects us and our reactions to others.  Recognizing our own internal warnings signs that our emotions are getting out of control is critical.
Each of us has the capacity to recognize the emotion of anger and to control it. If you observe yourself being angry and allow yourself to step back intuitively, this will give you the power to make a different choice.  We always a choice even if it is to adjust ourselves to a bad situation.  Claiming this power is will help us to fully embrace our God-given gift of intuition.


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