Use Your Intuition To Enpower Yourself In Times of Crisis

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Use Your Intuition To Enpower Yourself In Times of Crisis

We learn about people on a lot of different levels.  We find out their likes and dislikes, but it isn’t until they face a crisis that you really get to know them.  It during times of upheaval that turning to our intuition becomes critical in our ability to heal our bodies, minds and spirit.

When we hear a diagnosis about a disease for ourselves or someone we care about, our minds go into an “earthquake mode.”  For a while your brain has problems processing what you are hearing, the options to pursue and how to even organize your life to handle it.

In my earlier blog, on “How to Heal A Soul Wound,” I mentioned a young female client who died from colon cancer after undergoing two severe emotional hurts.  Today I want to give you a formula for creating a new experience for yourself whenever something happens which spins you out-of-control.

After processing the news of whatever situation you are facing, become acutely aware of any or all group feelings of the people who are supporting you.  In the book, Why People Don’t Heal, by Caroline Myss, Ph.D. she calls this the “tribal level.”  She says that how the group absorbs this experience is where most people direct their energy in the time of a health crisis.

Myss like me, urges people to go into the “Individual Mind,” where you move out of fear and despair to seek an inner dialogue with yourself about the issue or problem you are facing.  Try to determine what patterns of strength and weakness that have influenced your life. Innate patterns reveal themselves to show us valuable insights that play a critical role in any healing process.

In my work, I urge people to say and feel deeply the words, “I Will to Live,” when they are in the midst of upheaval.  Myss says in her book to say to yourself a hundred times a day,”The illness is not the issue. The issue is the loss of power this illness generates in my life.”

When we interpret the negative challenges of our lives as a tremendous gift, we realize that we can choose to enpower ourselves by being aware of our patterns and turning to our intuition as a valuable tool  in our healing process.

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