Use Your Intuition To Stay Safe

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Safety and Intuition Sheree Franklin

Use Your Intuition To Stay Safe

As we age, the ability to access our intuition has the power to expand our consciousness and to adjust to the changes that are always going on around us. While we may not able to run as fast or have greater strength than a person who attempts to steal or attack us, an aware mind can quickly assess danger and direct us to take action rather than sit around and wait to see what will happen.

The best way to be aware of your intuition is to pay attention to what is going on in your body. Think of your body as your internal laboratory that provides us with signals and clues to what is going on in and around at all times. Intuition is not passive; it is an active energy that affects everything we do.

Learning your own individual internal signs is critical to staying safe. Do words pass through your head? Do you feel danger in your stomach? Your jaws? Your skin? Pay attention to the subtle (or not so subtle) unique clues your body gives you. Also, develop the habit of of setting the intention to connect with your inner wisdom every day when you first wake up. Visualize a beautiful shield of protective light around you, your communities and your family. Before you enter your home – or enter any new environment – develop the habit of allowing yourself to “feel” what is going on before you go inside.  It is especially important to do a quick check before entering into an elevator or other confined spaces.  Do not be concerned about hurting someone’s feelings if you decide not to enter somewhere you don’t feel safe. Listen to your inner guidance rather than discounting it.

It’s also important to note (and remember) that the potential to be come a victim is greater when we are mindlessly talking on our cell phones or not paying attention to what is going on around us. You can’t pay attention to your intuition if you leave no space for it.


Intuitive Life Strategist Sheree Franklin helps people to find the courage to release their life challenges in order to live in alignment with their true self. She is the author of Intuition: The Hidden Asset Everyone Should Learn to Use. To learn more about Franklin’s book go to

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