Using Your Intuition Is Like Playing a Wii Game

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Using Your Intuition Is Like Playing a Wii Game

Life is like an interactive Wii game.  Some days we choose a game that we know will be easy to win.  Other times we get into a competitive mode and swing at everything that comes our way, wanting desperately to win. Just as we imagine ourselves in the crucial moment of  any Wii game, this is the same heightened awareness that we can tap into with our intuition.

We play various games in consciousness…sometimes choosing to be aware other times we let our worries, anxieties and fears dictate the game we play in our lives.  By not thinking about the future, not thinking about the past, just being aware in the present moment, like in the clutch point of a WI basketball game, we are so powerful.

Our availability to the energy level has been proven scientifically.  The Founder of Quantum Theory, Max Planck won a Nobel Prize in 1918 with his revolutionary work proving that there is a matrix of energy that provides the blueprint for our physical world.  Tapping into the matrix is a lot easier then most of us know.

It starts by making dedicated time to focus on what you want in your life.  Ask for guidance and direction first, and then at least twice a day sit down and write out three things that you want to create.  Feel your desires very deeply.  The key is to connect with your emotions.  When we operate at this level we are working with the invisible particles of energy that Max Planck proved with his work.  Change happens in the invisible level.

Once you are focusing on your desires on a consistent basis then you will find it easier for your actions to match what you want to create.

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