Using Your Intuition To Guide You During Divorce

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Using Your Intuition To Guide You During Divorce

Divorce is a very painful experience for many people.   The anger, hurt, frustration and sometimes even rage fills our body, mind and spirit to such a high degree that it becomes nearly impossible to listen to your intuition.  Tapping into your inner knowing in our darkest moments, will connect you with the energy of grace which has the power to lift you out of any state of consciousness.

One female client who is struggling through a difficult two-year divorce process, found herself facing her worse fear and experienced what I have come to know as, “the dark night of the soul.”  When a moment like this occurs we usually find ourselves crying uncontrollably and are at a complete loss for all feelings of hope and love.

Paying attention to yourself in the midst of inner anguish is one of the best ways to intuitively shift out of what you are facing. Allow yourself a specific time to be able to cry, scream, beat a pillow, or even rage about what is going on inside of you.  If possible, set a clock and give yourself a deadline on when to stop.

After freely releasing all your emotions, bring yourself back to the present moment by focusing deeply on your breathing. You can immerse yourself in the simple and profound teachings of Thich Nhat Hahn and practice mindful breathing:

In Our

Deep, Slow

Calm, Ease

Smile, Release

Present Moment, Wonderful Moment

The key is to immerse yourself into a feeling of hope.  Pray, read something inspirational, put on music that speaks to your soul.   Be gentle with yourself and if you feel inclined seek professional guidance for the challenges you are facing.

My client in her moment of despair chose to go to bed with her arms wrapped around her Bible.  In describing the experience to me the next day she told me of being intuitively guided to take the book.

Paying attention to the ordinary moments in our lives as well as the extraordinary ones is one of the best ways to use your intuition to shift out of any situation you face.  She awakened with a sense of understanding, enlightenment and wisdom about the changes that must be made in her life.

Our intuition responds most effectively when we give our spirit nourishment.  As we absorb the truths about ourselves and the lessons the moment has revealed, the powerful energy of grace has the ability to lift you in an instant.

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