Work Mistakes Cause Worry

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Work Mistakes Cause Worry

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In a challenging job market people are more concerned about keeping the jobs they do have then ever before. With less employees handling more tasks, people are feeling a higher level of stress, making it easier to do something wrong. Big challenges will often create the stimulus needed to remove the obstacles that we feel are holding us back. Knowing how to obtain the information to move out of a challenge mode is critical. Here are the four steps that you need to make it happen:

1. Forgive yourself. As human beings we all here to grow and evolve. A big part of our growth occurs when we realize and understand the value of our mistakes. Letting yourself off the hook for past wrongs goes a long way to helping you to analyze and decide the best things to do to fix a problem. If you need help with clearing the energy around things you have done wrong in your professional and personal life, consider reading the book, Radical Forgiveness by Colin Tipping and the free website by the same name This is one of the best tools to energetically help you shift out of anything that is holding you back.
2. Admit what you’ve done wrong. Sitting on a problem and not talking about it only magnifies the issue when it is discovered. As members of the human race each of us has our own strengths and weaknesses. Most of us don’t know how to properly access our strengths. Every person knows intuitively what we do well, but we cloud that information with our own set of insecurities or society’s conditioning about what “we should do.” Take time to make a list of your strengths. If you need help in figuring out your best attributes then ask a trusted friend or even a former employer what makes you unique.
2. Set things right as soon as possible. Heightened development occurs when we take responsibility for our actions. We each have a choice to live at the fully expression of our highest self. Framing things in a positive context will allow you to present what you’ve done to fix the problem as an enlightened experience.
3. Develop a way to internally handle mistakes. A 2,500 year-old Buddhist meditation practice found in Judith Orloff’s book, Positive Energy is one that you might find helpful to keep in your wallet or purse:

May I be free of worry.
May I be well.
May I feel safe and ease.
May I be at peace.

4. Write down what happened. A business owner who recently did a presentation for a large corporate client spent time analyzing the different styles of her competitors. One person didn’t talk about her company at all and instead set about a fact-finding mission on the potential client. Since my client had been courting the client for at least 6 months many of those answers she knew and instead focused on the strengths of her organization. Unfortunately, others in the room didn’t have the same background knowledge and the feedback generated indicated that the fact-finding style was viewed more positively. Going over this scenario over and over again with me, the insight I offered was to write everything that happened down. Being able to review what has occurred allows the our intuitive insight to flow, once we have disconnected emotionally. In my client’s case she became aware that the corporate client was not a good fit for her company. This opened the doorway for exploring different presentation styles on the next venture, as well as letting herself off the hook for what had occurred. Writing down the lesson learned in our experience allows for your intuitive insight to expand. With the clearer knowledge, wisdom and insight you are less likely to repeat the same mistakes.

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